Within These Walls... Making A Recording Studio At Home

A big part of decorating your home is doing whatever you want with it, and this means indulging in what you wanted for so long, like a studio! It's a dream of so many people who started off with a small bedroom studio and are no doubt excited at the prospect of having somewhere to have friends over and jam and record music! So how can you set up a space that’s a decent quality home studio but also is somewhere for you to write and record some of your great music?

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Get The Equipment First
You no doubt will have had some ideas about the best recording devices for your studio setup, but you also need to think about some of the more in depth items, such as bass traps, monitor isolation pads, and acoustic panels. All of which can be quite costly! But if you want your recordings to sound half decent, you need to make sure that it's in a proper recording studio, which means you need to set up your room to act like one.

Picking The Room
If you're very lucky and have a few choices of where you can set up your home recording studio, then it's best to go for a larger room. Bigger rooms will let you have more people in to play, the sound quality will be better, but also there's plenty of space to store your instruments.

After hearing your first few efforts recorded, you may notice a recurring theme in terms of noises that are seemingly out to ruin your recordings, such as passing cars, birds, and weather, especially if you live in a dreary town. So by soundproofing your room, you will be able to minimize outside noise, but also, other people in the house won't need to listen to you at all hours!

A Space For Working
No doubt this is going to be your place to come up with new ideas too. Make it a space that is inspiring for you, not somewhere that drains your mental resources. So think about what inspires you and makes you want to work on music, lyrics, and ideas. A lot of bands’ studios have various posters on the wall, but there are all sorts of paraphernalia to draw inspiration from. The Manic Street Preachers had various pop culture references, posters, ideas and art dotted around their recording studio, meaning that they were surrounded in various forms of culture. Only you know exactly what will inspire you, but a recording studio with piles of equipment doesn't tend to light up the mind!

Getting Your Music Out There
The time has come! If you spent a long period of time setting up a perfect recording studio and to have had time to work on various demos, recorded them, and mixed them, then it’s time to get them out there. There have been plenty of small scale musicians who have used services like Nationwide Disc to distribute CDs, DVDs, or even t-shirts if you're feeling adventurous! This could be the start of turning what is an intense hobby into a serious way to earn some money on the side.

A lot of people start out by setting up their own little bedroom studio, acts like James Blake started off like this and has hit the stratosphere since! So imagine what you could do with a fully-fledged home recording studio!

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