Planning A Stag Do Like A Pro

So, you have been chosen as the best man at one of your friend’s weddings? You know what that means, it’s your job to plan and organise a stag do. Unfortunately, Hollywood has set the bar pretty high for amazing stag dos with films such as The Hangover. Now, while the theme for that movie is a disaster day after there’s no denying that the actual party looked rather incredible. Of course, you don’t have to go down the route of a wild night you’ll never remember. So, let’s look at some of the options when planning a stag do.

The Guys Night In

This is perhaps best suited for someone who is a little shy, perhaps not too adventurous and doesn’t love the idea of waking up drunk on the day of their wedding. Speaking of which, it’s probably a good idea for the stag night to be scheduled a week or two before the wedding. That way, you avoid the chance of a late lie in or possibly even a complete no show. As for the night in, order a takeaway, maybe some pizza, get the guys around, pull out the old game consoles video games and classic movies of your youth, reminiscing about a time when things were simpler. It’s a great way to help the groom see how far he has come and where he is going. No hangover needed for this one, and you can guarantee the groom won’t feel guilty on their wedding day.

The Wild Night Out

Or, if you want to be more adventurous and daring, rent a limo and make sure everyone piles into it at the start of the night. Plan a route to all your favourite bars and clubs through the night. By about 12 am, you will almost definitely have picked up a few extra party guests. There are lots of ways to make this night, even more, fun with things like dares. See whether you can get the groom to show up in drag and make sure you leave him tied or handcuffed to a lamp post before the night is over. Actually, that part is optional, and it really does depend on how amicable the groom is.

The Boys Day Of Fun

Not everything fun involves drinking you know? Shocking as that may be there are plenty of fun activities you can include in your stag do such as karting. Karting is great fun for people of all ages and an excellent chance to let your competitive nature run wild. Or, how about laser quest. It’s not just for kids and venues like this can be hired for events such as stag nights. If you want a great night of fun without the downside of a nasty headache the next morning, this could be the ticket.

The Getaway

Or finally, how about planning a trip away with the lads? You can go rock climbing, water rafting or any other adventure activity you like. This is a fantastic way to bring people together and connect on a new level before the next chapter of the groom’s life.

I hope you have fun with some of these stag do ideas and don’t let the groom down.

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