Places To Stay In The Cities Of Yesterday

There’s no doubt that the world is an incredibly rich and vibrant place, filled with history and grand events, with loads to see and do. Most people want to see as much of it as possible during their life, spending their days traveling the world. Of course, though, this isn’t always as easy as it might sound. With so many countries, towns, and cities, it can be hard to choose where you’re going to go first. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the most historical cities in the world, to give you a good idea of where you’d like to go first.

Top View of Ancient Ruins Under White Cloudy Sky

  • Cusco, Peru

The Incan empire lasted for less than one hundred years, making it a tiny blemish in the world’s history. During this time, though, the Incas didn’t sit around. Cusco was the capital of this ancient empire, though the origins of its construction are unknown. The city was built following wide-scale urban planning which most cities at the time would have laughed at. But, thanks to their order and ability to deal with administration, Cusco quickly became one of the world’s hubs for mathematics, time, and calendar creation, making it perfect for those that love ancient history. Unfortunately, the Incan Empire met its end in 1572, after being defeated by the Spanish.

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  • London, UK

London was originally built by Romans in around 50 AD. Since then, the city has seen its fair share of history, from wars and great fires to some of the largest scientific and mathematical discoveries of all time. Today, the city sits at the heart of world culture, with museums and galleries found on every corner. With some much to do, it can be hard to find time for it all. Using short term rentals through London Serviced Apartments, you can live like a Londoner during your stay. This makes the whole trip a lot more authentic. And, it could even see you finding yourself in the very heart of the action.

Brown Concrete Pedestal Dome

  • Athens, Greece

Throughout history, Greece has always played a large part in the sciences, learning, and philosophy. With influences from many different empires and regions, Athens is a true testament to this, offering the chance for guests to experience a slice of real history. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, with written records dating back many thousands of years, and experts believing the city could be over ten thousand years old. There is so much to see in Athens, from authentic local businesses to the massive Roman ruins you can find dotted about in the city. With loads of hotels to choose from, you shouldn’t find it hard to find a place to stay here.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start visiting some of the older cities in the world. A lot of people don’t realise quite how many options they have for a historical break. But, with the right research, you can find loads of interesting and unique places to spend your trip. Just make sure you pack light and plan well; you’ve got a lot of walking to do.

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