First-Time Boating Trip Tips


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If you are looking to shake things up and try something different when it comes to your next vacation, then a boating trip is a great choice, especially in the spring and summer months when the weather is calm and clear and the sun is beating down on your face.

But, if you’ve never been on a boating trip before, you might be worried about what you need to do to stay safe and have the best possible time. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with our first-time boating trip tips:

Stay safe out there

When it comes to boating, whether you’re taking a canal trip or you’re heading out on a luxury yacht, you always need to make safety a priority. From ensuring that all of your party have lifejackets to learning the basics of boat safety, or having an experienced guide come along with you if that doesn’t sound much fun, anything you can do to be safe at sea is a must.

Oh, and just a note about alcohol, no one wants to be a party-pooper, and it is fine to have a drink or two if you are not yourself fin control of the boat but try not to get too drunk and if any member of your party if a little tipsy, make sure they know not to mess around near the edge of the boat.

Pack for all eventualities

It may be blisteringly hot onshore, it when you’re out at seas, anything can happen

. So along with your swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts, ensure you have plenty of warm clothing (it can get very cold in the ocean at night) and some decent rainwear too.

You should also pack lots of sunscreen because you can be very exposed to the sun at sea with little shade on deck, and lots of anti-sickness medication just in case it takes you a while to find your sea legs. 

Tell someone your itinerary

You should always, when going on a boating trip, tell a responsible person back onshore your planned itinerary. That way, if you go missing for whatever reason, they will know about it and they will be able to try and get in touch with you before alerting the authorities if necessary. Boast trips are pretty safe if you’re prepared, but occasionally things can take a turn and you need to know that, should you end up lost or in difficulties, help will be on the way.

Walk before you can run

Before you decide to sail the seven seas, start out-tasking smaller day trips on local rivers, lakes and canals so you get used to it, or take someone out with you to supervise while you learn how to sail. The more experience you have ahead of your first major trip, the less likely it is things will go wrong and the more time you can spend exploring islands, watching the stars and just having a whole lot of fun.

Stay safe out there and have a great trip!

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