What to Pack for a Road Trip - The Ultimate Checklist

 Road trips are a lot of fun and the perfect way to spend time with your friends. But they can also be challenging when it comes to packing. There are always those few people who forget their toothbrush or phone charger and those who pack too much (and end up wearing everything they brought).

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When you're going on a road trip with friends, there are several things that every person should have. Of course, your luggage will depend on how long of a journey it is and what type of activity you plan to participate in along the way. 

Here's a List Of Essential Items For Any Road Trip

First Aid Kit 

You never know when an accident or injury might happen, so this kit could be handy if needed. Keep bandages, medicinal cream, gauze pads and tweezers inside used cars just in case! The kit can come in handy if someone gets sick during the trip since many viruses/bacteria spread through saliva, which makes handkerchiefs necessary.

Snacks & Drinks

It's important to stay hydrated and full when you're on the road. There are several places where people can stop for a quick bite or drink, so keep this in mind when packing your snacks/drinks.

Chargers & Batteries

You don't know how long of a ride it will be, nor do you know what type of outlets might be available along the way, which is why it's best always to have chargers for all types of electronics. The last thing anyone wants is their phone dying while they need directions.

Paper Maps

This may seem obvious, but sometimes having maps at hand right away without needing to search through them online saves time, especially if there isn't good cell service during the trip. Not to mention that cell service may not exist in certain areas, so paper maps are always good to have on hand.


The sun can be bright at times, especially while travelling through the countryside or desert terrain. It's important to protect your eyes and skin since sunglasses do both of these things while keeping you cool (not overheated), which is why they should be packed along with hats too.

Cash & Coins

Having cash available on hand if there isn't an ATM around when needed is never a bad idea. Plus, it could come in handy if someone has car trouble and needs some help paying for gas/car repairs which happen more than expected on road trips! Also, bring coins in case you need to use a public bathroom.

Waterproof Jacket

If the forecast says there is a 100% chance of rain or if certain parts of your trip might take place during harsh weather conditions (i.e. hiking). 

Packing waterproof jackets/boots will come very handy for wet roads, muddy trails and even chilly nights! It's better to be prepared than sorry, so always pack items that can serve more than one purpose just in case.

Camera & Accessories

To capture memories on trips like this are something everyone should do, especially when they're out exploring new places together as friends since these moments could be once in a lifetime. So make sure to pack extra batteries, memory cards and lenses as well.

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