Top 3 Car Brands To Consider Buying

 Interested in buying a new car?

It's one of life's big decisions, and one of the only decisions that you keep making over and over again. With something like buying a house, you might only do this a couple of times in your entire life. When it comes to cars, you can get through a right handful!

Ideally, you want to minimise the number of cars you buy in your life, so you aren't spending loads of money. A great way to do this is by looking at the brand of car you are buying. Getting your hands on a good brand can mean you have something that lasts for a long time and doesn't need to be replaced after a few years. 

Which brands are the best? Here are three to consider:

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Ford is such a reliable and trustworthy car brand that has many vehicles in its lineup that receive critical acclaim. Certainly, the Focus and the Fiesta are two well-known Fords that people have been driving for generations. A great thing about Ford is that you have lots of older cars to choose from, meaning you can snag excellent bargains on high-quality used cars. As a result, you also have lots of replacement parts that are easily available, so making repairs is cheaper and easier for mechanics. 

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Similar to Ford, VW is a brand that's been around for a long time at the top of the game. The company has loads of great cars, with the Golf and Polo being two of the top ones around. Both are always tipped as excellent first or family cars, showing the versatility of the brand. There are also loads of VW breakers around, so it is not hard to get replacement parts to repair your VW and extend its life on the roads. Generally, VW cars are very reliable, and they have actually introduced a brand new range of electric cars on the market. So, if you're thinking about the future and want a more sustainable option, Volkswagen could be the way to go. 

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This Swedish car brand has really made a name for itself over the years. Funnily enough, Volvo used to be seen as something of a boring brand. This was because the cars lacked any real spice, and they were all sort of similarly designed and quite boring to look at. But, modern-day Volvo cars are completely different, offering better designs but retaining the best features of the 'boring' past. In reality, most people saw Volvos as boring vehicles because they were so reliable and economical. You get this still, but combined with some extra thrills to heighten the driving experience. As with the other two options, there's an array of great used cars and replacement parts easily available. 

Obviously, there are so many amazing car brands that haven't made this list. A big shout out to Toyota and Skoda, both of which narrowly missed the cut. If you are hoping to buy a car that's reliable, performs well, will last a long time, and gives you a great driving experience, these three brands are the ones to look at. 

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