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If you are getting a little sick of the city and want to see something a little more exciting, driving with a purpose more than just going to work, or to the supermarket, then let this article inspire you to take a great EU road trip. (Note: you should check the requirements before planning any trips can I drive in the EU). 

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There are a couple of options for you, you can choose to fly to a location and hire a car, or you might use your car and drive all the way there and back. But eventually, if you love driving and adventures, you’ll probably want to consider something from Austrack Campers

France - Verdon Gorge Circuit

If you love great coffee, French style, countryside and a side of cheese, then this is going to be perfect for you. This drive starts off pretty simply, and then you are going to be faced with some severe challenges. There are villages like Tourtour that are nestled up high and the views are stunning. 

You will also have the opportunity to drive by (or stay a while) at the Verdon Gorges, which are hailed as Europe’s own Grand Canyon. 

There is a lot to see on this drive, and honestly, you should stop a couple of times. The roads are testing for people used to driving in the city. There are a lot of route options, but you will be starting at Lorgues, and it will be around 115 miles long. Your nearest airport for this is Nice. 

Iceland - Route One

If you are looking for extremes, then this is going to be the route for you. There are long stretches of white nothingness, volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers and hot springs. Which is a lot to pack into one drive. Route One covers the entire island and will take you somewhere in the region of 10 days depending on how you drive, and how often you stop. There are some diversions that you can take that will lead you to huge waterfalls and whale watching - if you want. It is around 800 miles long, and you are really going to need a 4-wheel drive car due to the gravel and terrain in some areas. The nearest airport is Reyjavik.

Scotland - North Coast 500

If you want to peep the untouched parts of Scotland, then you are going to love this. The 500-mile round trip is the perfect drive. You can pick a few stops along the way in the places that pique your interest, but in general, many people enjoy Skye, Outer Hebrides and Ullapool. You’d do well to pack your walking boots because exploration is going to be high on the agenda. You will be driving by many distilleries and ruins. Not to mention the lochs and beaches. You can take it easy and make this last a week or more, but in general, around 4 days is all you will need. You’ll be starting in Inverness, and full route details are available here northcoast500.com

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