5 Top Pieces Of Interview Prep Advice

Interviews can get the best of even the most confident among us. You know you’re the person for the job- but how do you make sure that the company are convinced? With the competition to beat- preparation is everything. Getting yourself organized and going through these prep tips will leave you well on your way to success.

Refer back to the job spec

When you are preparing for an interview, always keep referring back to the job specification to guide you. The job specification will have a full list of criteria that the ideal candidate should possess. Go through each piece of information that you have and write down exactly how you fulfill the requirements- with examples. It’s vital that you can express in as much detail possible, that you fit the job description (and more)! 

Thoroughly research the company 

It’s vital to conduct a thorough research of the company so that you can show your knowledge at the interview. The company will likely want to know why you want to work for them in particular. The more that you know about them, the easier it will be to answer this question. Look into the products or services that they sell and exactly what your role would entail. Look at their social media and online presence to get a sense of their company culture. Each company will have a set of values and a brand image to uphold. Ensure that you know exactly what the company persona is so that you can show them how you’d fit into the team.

Draft your answers  

Use the job specification and common mock interview questions to guide you. Draft answers to all of the questions that you think might be asked of you. Once you’ve written down your answers, redraft them to improve and then practice performing them out loud. Some answers will take you by surprise, but others will be generic and expected. Always ask for clarification if you haven’t understood the question (instead of trying to blag)! 

Calm your nerves 

Unfortunately, many of us get really nervous before an interview. You might be the perfect person for the job, but if you come across too nervous on the day, this could be mistaken for incapability. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be. Try some calming meditation exercises before the interview or some relaxing supplements like chamomile. If you can de-stress before, you’ll feel more confident.

Look the part 

You’ll want to make sure that you look as professional and as polished as you can for an interview. First impressions are everything, and you come across a little scruffy, this is likely to be noticed. Sometimes buying new clothes can help, because psychologically when you look good, you end up feeling more confident. Whether high end luxury suits or simply a new pair of shoes; invest in something to give yourself a bit of a boost.

Remember, think positively and do not start to doubt yourself when you think of the competition. The fact that you’re being interviewed means that the company already believes you have what it takes. 

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