Say Hello To Greeting Cards Which Won't Go Straight In The Bin

Greetings cards are something most of us give without thought. They’re a tradition which dates back to Ancient China and has been sold across Europe since the 1400s. As such, you might feel downright rude turning up to a party without a telltale colorful envelope.

The trouble is that greetings cards often end up in the bin after a week or less. Honestly, most of us don’t even look at those cards after that initial opening session. It isn’t that we aren’t grateful it’s just that...how much fun can you have with a card? 

Sadly, greeting card costs don’t reflect the time receivers take over them. In fact, if you have a buzzing social life or a large family, you could spend over £20 or more on this every year. 

That’s why we’re coming to the rescue. Believe it or not, the answer here is not to scrap card-giving altogether but to instead turn it up a notch in the following ways.


Messages with a little more meaning

If you write a basic ‘to and from’ card or let the preprinted message do the talking, is it surprising if the receiver doesn’t take much time over their card, either? We don’t think so. If, however, you wrote a heart wrenching and personal message inside each card using tips like those found on classpass.com, things might be a little different. Even a seasoned card disposer is less liable to chuck a card which includes a meaningful message. Instead, they’ll probably keep it in a safe place and come back to it in the future. All because you took a little more time in the first place.

Unique card designs

If you buy a boring card design which everyone in your town has seen at the front of your local store, then you can bet your card is getting chucked. Chances are your recipient might even have received the same in the past. By comparison, buying from card retailers who stock from suppliers like somdiff.com could add a whole load more interest. That’s because designs like the Angi and Silas All My Butt cards are something your recipient probably hasn’t seen before. And, that can encourage them into keeping your offering. Equally, something like poem cards you can buy from bookstores adds a little something extra to the potentially dull cards you might get otherwise.

Make your own

If neither of the above appeals, why not make your cards? There are two ways to do this. If you want to keep things simple, you could turn to suppliers who allow you to print custom messages on cards. This is an easy way to get cards which always stand out. Or, you could go all out with a totally homemade offering which is guaranteed to earn its place in a recipient’s heart and a keepsake box for all time.

As you can see, giving greeting cards more meaning isn’t hard. Stop throwing money in the bin, then, and get around to these methods already. 

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