4 Ways To A Happier You

According to last year’s World Happiness Report, the chart is topped by Norway who knocked Denmark down from the first position after a three-year-long reign.

Clearly, there is something good about living in Scandinavia, but the bigger question here is, why is the overall happiness of other places slipping and more importantly, what can be done about it?

The stresses of modern-day life are all around us, whether it be home and family problems or issues at work. If you are one of the many people who feel unhappy with their lot, then we’ve put together this list of four ways to be happier.

Take regular exercise

Taking a regular exercise is a great way to make yourself happier. Nobody is saying you need to go out and run one of the world’s best marathons, but just heading out for a 10-minute walk or jog around the block can lift your mood. Exercise releases endorphins into your body which can trigger positive feelings, giving you a sense of euphoria and achievement. It can also give you something to aim at – a couch to 5k programme, for example, offers the target of being able to complete a specific distance, given you a sense of purpose which can also help improve your overall mood.

Do something you enjoy and are good at
A lot of unhappiness comes from feelings of worthlessness – but you can’t be worthless if you’re doing something you know you are good at. Whether it’s cooking or dancing, taking part in an activity that you really enjoy and are also good at performing will give you a sense of worth. What’s more, you’ll also be having a positive bearing on the lives of others through making them a brilliant meal or playing your part in an entertaining performance for the community.

Drink less alcohol
When times are hard, and you are feeling down, it can be tempting to find solace with the bottle. Drinking alcohol can temporarily numb the pain and give us a sense of euphoria, but in the long run, it is actually a depressant which exaggerates feelings of sadness and can make you angry and aggressive as a result. By cutting down on your alcohol intake, particularly when you feel troubled, you can help to improve your mood. If you don’t think you can stop drinking, then it may be a sign of alcohol addiction. If that is the case, then click here to read more about how medication-assisted therapy could help you overcome the problem.

Talk about and share your problems

Communication is important, whether it be with a friend, relative or a professional. Talking things through can help take a weight off your mind and relieve tension. It will also give you a person to support you through the difficult times which can be invaluable. Bottling things up will only strengthen feelings of unhappiness and can lead to much bigger problems down the line such as anxiety and depression.

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