Looking Sharp All Year Long

You might have seen many men walking around town with their perfectly quaffed hair and sharp style, and as you walk along in your t shirt and jeans you might wonder how they can look so sharp all the time. You don’t have to be fashion savvy or have a huge amount of time on your hands to look stylish, and there are actually some really simple ways that you can look sharp all year long.

Buy designer

The first tip to think about is buying your clothes designer. It might sound like a waste of money to buy an item of clothing which has a tiny logo on it, but this isn’t the reason you should invest in designer clothes. Designers like John Henric make clothes in a much more careful and quality manner. If you are looking for great quality clothing which will hold its shape and last longer, a designer is the way to go.

Iron it

You need to pick up that iron and start to use in on all of your clothes. When we say all, we mean your shirts and your jeans, not your socks! Ironing clothes might seem like a huge hassle for you but it will make a huge difference to how successful you are at looking clean and groomed throughout the day. Even with the same old t shirts, having it ironed can make a really huge difference to how sharp you look.

Remember the shoes

Your shoes are more important than you think when you are walking around, and it will make a difference to your style whether you are wearing a shirt with jeans and sneakers or with suede shoes. Pick out one or two pairs of smart looking shoes which you can swap between outfits. This will make your decision easier when picking out clothes and will also make your outfits look more polished. Remember also to wipe your shoes free of muck every so often to keep them looking shiny and healthy for longer.

Keep it simple

Simple is the key, and Hawaiian shirts should be a no go for now. If you want to look effortlessly stylish every time you step out of the house, keep things simple and go for neutral jackets, pants and shoes, and you can always jazz it up with a coloured shirt or a coloured tie. If you stick to one or two colours in your outfit it will look much more put together and you will look as if you really know what you are doing.

Stay groomed

Having a shaggy Gandalf style beard isn’t going to do you any favours if you want to look sharp and stylish. There’s nothing wrong with growing a beard as long as you keep it looking tidy and make sure to take the time to oil it to keep it looking healthy. Take some time each week to trim around the sides of your beard to keep the sides neat and you can spend some time brushing your beard and making sure it is smooth and knot-free.


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