Summer Driving Essentials

Summer is here and it is the time where almost everyone spends the weekend traveling to the beach or into the local town for a drink.

Whether you are driving a used Fiat Punto or a New Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA Class, driving during the summer months can be incredibly fun. If you are looking to go on a few road trips this year, here are the essentials you simply have to bring with you.

1. Sunscreen

No matter how safe you think you are from burning in the sun, it is incredibly important to always have a supply with you in the hot weather. Sun damage can cause many issues including skin cancer, and if you want to avoid this you need to wear sunscreen every day during the warmer months. Even if you apply sunscreen before you leave the house, bring some with you to keep you protected.

2. Sunglasses
Everyone should have a pair of car sunglasses. In the summer especially you will often find that the weather is great and the sky is bright, which can hinder your sight when you try to drive. Keep a cheap pair of sunglasses in your car all year long to make sure you can see when you are driving.

3. Window Shade
It is possible to purchase a blind of sorts which goes on your windows during the summer days. If you leave your car parked in the sun on a hot day, the shade will keep the car a little cooler and stop it from being like an oven when you step back inside. Plus, it can be a good way to block out the light if it’s too bright.

4. Water Bottle
Always keep water on hand when you are in hot weather. During the summer we can become dehydrated really quickly, and mixing this with sunlight can cause us to suffer from heatstroke. To avoid this, keep a bottle of chilled water in the car at all times and top it up whenever you can.

5. Cool Bag
In the summer we often take picnics with us and go off on fun adventures with our family and our friends. To make the most of the treats you have and to make sure things don’t melt, make sure to use a cooler bag which will keep everything cold throughout the day. You’ll have fresher and more refreshing food during a hot day.

6. An Umbrella

Yes, it might be the height of summer and you might have had a heatwave for the last few days, but that never means it won’t rain. Rain will come when you least expect it, so make sure to stay ahead of the game by bringing an umbrella with you!

7. Music

On a long trip you want to be able to enjoy singing along to great music, so if your car has a CD player you can make the most of it and bring some discs along for the ride. Keep them in your glovebox so that they are safe and have 2-3 on hand for longer trips.

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