(Luxury) Road Trippin’ With My Two Favourite Allies

A road trip is a staple of traveller life. You can drive, you can read a map, and you can sit in a car eating crisps and chocolate. Considering flying is costlier and you’ve got time to kill, a road trip is a no-brainer.

But, long gone are the days when you liked to stew in your filth for days on end. University is over and it’s not cute to be a slob anymore. Anyway, it’s human nature to buzz off a bit of luxury.

Below are the ways to upgrade your next road trip. Hopefully, the following will make sure you ain’t no bum!

Space Out

Zoning out is an excellent way to while away the boredom on a long journey, but this isn’t what the title refers to. In case, it’s talking about the physical act of having your own space. Cars are cramped and everyone is at close quarters and that makes the whole experience a tad more tedious. Not that you won’t have a good time – it’ll be epic – but the little things will grind quicker and easier in a small vehicle. Campervans or a Winnebago cost more yet they have a ton more room too. There’s a kitchen, bedroom, and even an indoor toilet. Ah, not peeing in a bush – the novelty.

Roger The Lodger

If an upgrade to a glorified Transit van is too much, then a car it will have to be. A tip before we move on – check out Saxton 4x4. As the names suggest, the company has large models at affordable prices. There are even a couple of supercars lying around that may tickle your fancy.  After a long day on the road, it’s nice to get out of the car and hit the hay. Of course, grass may be your bed depending on the type of accommodation. Luxury means no budget motels which may or may not have housed Norman Bates. Hotels with chocolates on the pillows are the way forward.

Good Food And Good Scenery

Ah, the first McDonald’s of the trip. How you’ve been waiting to let loose for a couple of weeks! After a while, fast food starts to get boring and you feel like Morgan Spurlock halfway into a cholesterol-filled diet. So, where possible, mix it up and eat some fresh ingredients. The green things are called vegetables and they stop you from dying on the trip. Don’t forget about the scenery, too. Main roads get you there faster, yet A-roads are full of beauty.

I’ll Pick Up The Tab

How gracious, but can you afford it? The odds are the answer to this question is “hell no.” Still, there’s also a good chance that the budget will go out of the window. Thankfully, a trusty piece of plastic, AKA your credit card is on hand to help. When times are tough luxury seems too far away, whip it out and deal with it later. It’s a small price to pay in the heat of the moment.

What are your plans for the road trip of a lifetime?

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