Advantages of Using a Laptop in an Office

Laptop also referred to as notebook computer is a small portable personal computer. In the modern world, the use of a laptop is superseding the use of desktop simply because of their user-friendly nature. These features include but not limited to:

1. Maximizing desk space

Laptop occupies much smaller space as compared to desktop hence giving you more working space for filling and sorting paper based projects. The laptop requires less cable hence avoiding so many cables winding around your desk. If the desk space is on premium use of a laptop is very economical since one desk can be used by several employees. 

 2. Performing Diagnostics

A laptop can be used to diagnose other office devices. For example, if you are having a problem with your scanner, printer or any other shared device a laptop can be brought over to attempt the same action on a different machine. This will allow you to identify whether the problem lies with the desktop computer or the shared device.

3. Attending  workshop and conferences

Modern technology has made things easier in meetings since the traditional methods of presentation through paperwork and handouts have been superseded by the use of PowerPoint. A presenter will require his laptop to do his presentation through a PowerPoint and an attendee will also require a laptop to put down the necessary points. Sometimes the presenter may send the presentation to the attendees to make the presentation easier.

4. Equipping Interns and Temporary Employees

Having a spare laptop in the office is very important for students who are on internship and temporally employees since they move from one workstation to the other as they learn new skills. This helps them to have a hand on experience instead of training just by observation. This also helps to avoid disruption to the regular employees.

5. Work can be done out of office

With the use of a laptop, office work can be done outside the office. Laptop portability nature makes it possible for the user to do office work from anywhere at any time. For the files saved in the network, you can access them even when you are outside network coverage. See Disable Offline Files Windows 7.

6. An easier way of communication

Communication has become easier with the help of a laptop. Businesses now stay in touch through massagers, video calls, and many other platforms.

7. A laptop can be used to save Confidential documents

A laptop is a portable gadget and therefore it can be carried home or can be locked up in a cabinet where only the authorized party can access. This helps to secure the information saved there from getting into the wrong hands.

8. Machine Security

As opposed to the desktop it is easier to secure laptop from theft since it is a simple gadget which can be carried home or can be locked up in an office cabinet.

Laptops have contributed greatly to business growth since one does not have to be in the office so as to do work. With the use of a laptop, any work can be performed even in a vehicle, hotel or home.

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