Is It Possible To Chill Out While Prepping?

If you follow our content at all, you’ve likely noticed the importance of providing yourself with safeguards when the shallow web of societal support we rely on could leave or turn chaotic. This is a wise way to think of our future.
Cities often only keep a stockpile of three days or so of food. Everything runs digitally with the internet, and a good solid EMP blast could take out those functionalities. The power grid’s infrastructure is getting older and more cautionary as the years tick on. All of these potential failures are possible, and so knowing a few survival tips and how to care for yourself is simply a wise way to progress, particularly if you have a family to consider.

Knowing all of this can make you feel quite uptight. That’s good to a degree, as it does lend a sense of urgency and discipline to the actions you should take. However, sometimes being wound up tighter than a spring can impede your learning process. Also, let’s face it, despite the potential for society to encounter chaos, it isn’t experiencing that right now. So, instead of focusing on your prepping efforts in panic, it could be a lot healthier to view it as an intensive hobby, something that enriches your days while also providing you with useful skills to take forward.

Is it possible to chill out while prepping? Well, we’d say yes, and here’s why:

The Pleasure Of Sourcing Food

It can be essentially pleasing to begin crafting your own home sustainability. Dividing a vegetable garden and planning your summer crops can be a very fun and therapeutic activity, as can labelling, sorting and storing your produce in the correct areas. Seeing something grow from the ground after our diligent work is an intense, raw feeling that many people, unfortunately, have forgotten all about. Not only that, but crafting a healthy and home sourced meal for your family helps you feel like an intense provider, and that alone can make you feel worthy of roaring like a lion on a mountaintop.

Not only that, but fishing can be an intensely pleasurable activity. Fishing is an essential skill to learn - and is easy to pick up but hard to master. You might also craft your own fishing boat here, with a trolling motor kayak engine from themarinebattery. It’s a great feeling to know that if worst comes to worst, you can provide for your family with sustainable food procurement. However, even when this isn’t completely necessary for your survival, you’ll have a strong hobby that can make you feel like an incredible provider.

Home Structural Projects
The cornerstone of the prepping lifestyle is crafting your own underground space to which you can retire in the event of a disaster. This means owning some land, or simply dividing the space in your garden. From there you can begin acquiring materials, such as corrugated steel sheets, cinderblocks and even mixing cement for the basis. This structural project might take weeks or months to complete, but even in the event it never gets used, it will be a very small and extremely satisfying project to work on, lending you inside into small architecture with utility. Depending on your space requirements you will have to deal with sleeping room, ventilation blocks, connecting tubing for your waste disposal and also ensuring storage is there.

Following guides and advice offered by us and others can potentially help you complete your first safe structure, gifting you an eye for inner architectural insights. Who’s to say this might not transmit to other efforts from a structural perspective, giving you plenty to help you stay busy with from day to day.


It can be extremely fun to learn how to hunt. This will be a prize endeavor during your food scavenging if it ever comes to that. However, this is also a fundamentally exciting hobby to learn. Thankfully, many environments are open for legal and sustainable hunting, and completely encourage new people to take it up thanks to wildlife culling quotas the state must enforce to ensure a good balance in the natural ecosystem. Elk and deer are two of the main targets for this form of hunting, and turning them in can either lend you plenty of meat to place in your freezer, or alternatively the ability to sell them on for earnings.

Not only is tracking incredibly fun and peaceful to do, following Elk over the course of potential miles, but bowhunting is an extremely artistic form of hunting in the first place. Using a compound bow, gaining the right traction between bow tension and knowing when to release will truly take time to pick up, but can gift you excitement in spades. Not only that, but it’s something that can serve as a form of meditation. Bringing along a few buddies, maybe drinking a couple of light beers and heading on a bowhunting trip with a professional guide can help you not only contribute to the community but give you access to the best and most sustainable meat around.


This information you accrue will not only stick with you. It’s necessary to teach this important set of life lessons to your children, or those you are responsible for. It might not be necessary to make it a supreme focus of their life of course, as this can be a tyrannical thing to do without any pressing coming need. However, simply gifting them some life lessons at the weekend can not only bring you together, but helps you relax with your child. Also, you will gain the inbuilt satisfaction knowing that your child is a little more competent than they were before, or their eyes were opened a little more in a gentle fashion. Hobbies are great for children to nurture, and with you teaching them, you can be sure they’ll pay attention.

Prepping is often likened to an intense and frantic set of priorities only the most intensely pessimistic of society will focus on. With the mindset explained in this article, you should realize that actually, prepping or learning survival skills can be one of the most bonding and rewarding experiences you can muster. Have fun!

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