Five Clothing Items Every Man Needs

Modern men need to learn how to dress according to the occasion. Whether you run your business or go to the office every day, you will have to design your wardrobe in a way that you can always look the part. Socializing with friends? Leave the smart clothes home and opt for an elegant leisurely look. Going on vacation? Make sure you have smart and comfortable outfits to mix and match.
  1. Office Outfit

While they say that women dress for each other in the office, the same could be said about men. You want to dress to impress your colleagues and your boss. If you don’t look professional enough, you might just have blown your chances for a promotion. Getting a few smart trousers and shirts to combine during the working week is an easy solution, but don’t forget about the matching shoes and the smart winter coats, as well as your men’s trench coats to accompany your smart looks.
  1. Smart Suit

Sometimes you will need to attend corporate events or weddings. You might be invited to a conference, or need to go to the church for a Christening. Having a few smart tailored suits regularly dry cleaned and ready to wear in the spring and the winter is a good way of being prepared for unexpected invitations. Get a few different color and style buttonholes, cufflinks, and ties, so you can dress to match the outfit of your partner, next time you go to the opera.
  1. Smart Casual

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You will also need to get a smart casual outfit for meeting with friends or catching up with family members over dinner. You don’t need to overdo it; a simple tailored trouser with a modern jacket and shirt will do the trick. Wear this outfit can be worn with different accessories every time.
  1. Workout Clothes

When meeting with your friends in the park for a jog or working out at the local gym, you also want to look the part. You will not only be judged by your performance, but also the quality of your sportswear. No matter if you are into badminton or cycling; get the right sports equipment and make a statement when working out.
  1. Man Bag

If you regularly meet friends and colleagues outside of work, or visit clients in the office, you cannot live without a man bag. Choose one that is elegant and masculine enough, and holds all your paperwork, laptop, and phone. A leather briefcase can be great for office meetings and conferences, but for your casual look you might want to get a canvas designer item.

Men need to develop their personal style, just like women. Make sure that you have the above necessary outfits in your wardrobe, so you can get them out and look the part, no matter what the occasion. For business and pleasure, you can get inspiration from fashion blogs and social media, so you can express yourself through your fashion sense, and look great next to your other half at all times.

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