The Essential Checklist For Long Journeys

Most drivers will have to plan long journeys at some point, and it’s possible to remove any stumbling blocks from the experience if you perform some essential vehicle checks before you leave home. 
With that in mind; you can use the checklist below to ensure your automobile is in the best possible condition before you sit behind the wheel and start using your sat nav. The list below is suitable for almost every type of car, but you might want to refer to your owner’s manual if you have any concerns.

Check the engine coolant

The last thing anyone wants is for their engine to overheat. However, that is most likely to happen when you’re on a long journey, and so it’s sensible to check your coolant levels before your car leaves the driveway. Depending on your model, the coolant tank or bottle might seem impossible to find, and so you just need to search online for the information you require. 
Everything you need to know is freely available, and you will locate a step-by-step engine coolant guide for your model using Google.

Check the tyre pressure

It’s vital that you check your tyre pressure before starting out on long commutes. If your tyres are flat, there is a decent chance your engine will use too much fuel. Also, you increase the likelihood of becoming involved in a smash. Again, depending on the vehicle you drive; you’ll have to pump your tyres up to the correct pressure.
The new Subaru WRX requires 33 PSI, but the levels can vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of tyres you use. So, just follow the same advice as last time and search online!

Check your headlights

It only takes ten seconds to make sure your headlights are working correctly, and so there is no excuse for not doing that before you start out. Just switch your lights on while the vehicle is still in your driveway, then exit the automobile and take a look to ensure everything is working as expected. 
If you notice any issues, just pick up some new bulbs from a local garage. You can usually replace them without professional assistance.

Check your engine oil

Lastly, you need to use your dipstick to take a look at your engine oil levels before every long journey. That will help to improve your driving experience and ensure the car works correctly. Ensure you keep some spare oil in your garage, so that you can top it up with ease. 
Just bear in mind that some models require different types of oil, and you can damage your engine if you use the wrong solution. If you have any concerns, just call a mechanic and ask for some advice.

If you remember to perform those four essential car checks the next time you plan a long commute or road trip; your plans should go off without a hitch. Always keep your owner’s manual handy in case you encounter problems not mentioned in this post. 
That book should help to point you in the right direction and ensure you can deal with almost any fault or issue, and you can buy them online for next to nothing if you don’t have one at home right now. Good luck!

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