Businesses You Can Start For Less Than £1000

It’s not uncommon to dream of owning your own business, especially on those days when your boss is being a real pain. Most people don’t do it though because they convince themselves that there’s no way they can do it. They’re worried about where they’re going to find tens of thousands to start up a business, and even if they can, they’re likely to just lose it anyway. But what if I told you that you could start business for less than £1000? If you lost that much it wouldn’t be ideal but it’s not exactly going to bankrupt you.


It’s an amount that you can save up relatively quickly over a few months. Alternatively, you can borrow that cash from a short term loans company. For such a small amount the interest won’t be much and you’ll pay it back within a few months anyway. You wouldn’t think that it was possible to start a business with that small amount of startup cash but it absolutely is. There are loads of options, here are just some of them.

Personal Trainer

You can start a personal training business with very little money, and there are a couple of ways to do it. When you’re a personal trainer at a gym you’ll pay them a flat rate to be in there and then any sessions you do, you’ll keep all of the money, similar to a barber renting a chair for the day. Alternatively, you can set up your own home gym and do it from there. You’ll have to put in more initial investment but once you’re set up, you can keep all of the money you make. Buying weights and other equipment for a home gym won’t leave you with that much money left so you won’t have as much for marketing yourself if you want to stick to that £1000 budget. Being in a gym means smaller startup costs but it’s also better because it gives you access to a lot of potential customers and makes it easier to get some business going.

Coffee Cart

There’s big money to be made in coffee considering people regularly pay over £3 for one, multiple times a day. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, there’s no way you’re going to open a coffee shop for under £1000. You can, however, open a coffee cart. As long as you’ve got a cheap cart, some cups and a coffee machine, you’re good to go. The benefit of having a coffee cart is that you can work at all sorts of different events where you can usually charge a premium. If you like work that is different every day, a coffee cart of your own is a great way to go.

Antique Dealer

You’d think that you would have to invest loads of money in a good stock of antiques to open a store, and you’d be right. But the thing is, you don’t have to sell them in a store. If you sell antiques online, there aren’t any running costs at all really. You can start small and invest your £1000 in just one or two quality pieces and sell them online. Use the profits from those two items to get a few more and you can gradually grow in this way until you’ve got enough pieces for a full shop front.


Proper camera equipment is incredibly expensive but if you are considering becoming a photographer, you can make a fairly good start for under £1000. A good all round DSLR will cost you around £500 and you can get a few more lenses and get some business cards printed up with the rest of the money. These days, getting your name out there on social media and showcasing your work can help you find paid photography gigs. Once you’ve got that camera, get out there and start getting some good shots. When you start getting more work in you’ll probably have to upgrade your equipment and spend a bit more money on it but that cheaper camera can help you to get the ball rolling.


Setting up an entire bakery isn’t possible for under £1000 but if you want to start selling some of your creations to other people, it isn’t going to require that much investment. All you’ll need is some kitchen equipment and a bit of space at home. That should be enough to produce small batches that you can sell to local bakeries or restaurants. If your stuff is good enough you can charge a pretty high price.

All of these business ideas can be easily started on less than £1000 so why not try one today?

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