Awesomely Unique Gift Ideas


Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts, you may have already started shopping, but we all know that person who is incredibly difficult to shop for, purely because they say that don’t want anything. It’s annoying and a lie. But at the same time, that gives you the chance to really think outside the box and get them something truly unique. Here are some ideas of singular gifts that could really make somebody's Christmas.


There has to be someone you know who has an unhealthy obsession with cheese, every family or friend group has one. And here is the perfect gift for them; a cheese hamper. Whether you want to send them their favourite wheel, or team it up with wine for an ultimate cheese tasting experience, this gift will win Christmas.


Sometimes there’s a moment on Christmas day where you just want to escape - it’s usually around the time the sprouts appear. And you can make that dream come true for someone in your family! Well, not just in that moment, but at some point. Tickets to an escape room experience is a great gift that they could share with someone.


Candles are fantastic smelly things that set the mood, relax you and summon demons - not all at the same time hopefully. Everyone has them dotted about the house, so why not add to someone’s collection by sending them to a candle making class? Or, you can get them a candle making kit so that they can do it in their spare time at home.


Ah, Gin. You either love it or hate it - it’s the marmite of the alcohol world. But we all have that one friend or family member that would love nothing else. And gin comes in so many different flavours, so why not make their favourite drink even more festive this holiday season with Christmas Pudding gin? (Which is the marmite of the pudding world.) Or you could just let them make their own.


Just to lead on from the selfie-stick bonanza of 2015, why not get your insta-mad buddy a Selfieme remote? They can set up their phone at the right height and angle, and take as many pictures as they want without their arm getting tired, and looking like someone else is taking the photo.


Do you know someone who acts like they are royalty? Like the world is their domain and you are their peasants? But in a good way, because you shouldn’t buy gifts for not nice people. Or you might know someone who is just a little princess. Either way, you can’t make them royalty, but you can make them nobility (the next rung down.) Buying land in Scotland automatically makes you a Laird or Lady.

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