What Makes The Ultimate Gift?


We’ve all received a terrible gift. A pair of socks. Shampoo. Or perhaps a gift you originally gave to someone else that’s then been wrapped up and given back to you. If it’s not a close relative, these gifts usually don’t matter, but when it comes to buying for someone that is close, it pays to put some thought into a gift. But what makes the ultimate gift? Here are some tips for giving a present that’s meaningful and sure to be genuinely appreciated.

Make it personal

A personal touch always goes a long way. You could buy a gift that has the person’s name on it or has a personalised message such as personalised chocolate or an engraved phone case or monogrammed scarf. You could alternatively choose to share memories that the two of you have enjoyed. You could them a gift around a private joke or create a collage out of photos. Many of these ideas are low-cost (the ultimate gift doesn’t have to be expensive).

Hand-craft your gift

If you do have a DIY skill of some kind, hand-crafting a gift for someone will show them that you’ve put time and effort into your gift. It will also be one-of-a-kind and you have the option to personalise it. This could be jewellery you’ve made yourself, food you’ve personally baked or something you’ve hand carved. There are even some presents that don’t require any DIY skills, just patience. This could include a photo album or a hand-picked hamper of food.

Buy someone an experience

Some people seemingly already have everything they need. For these people, experiences may be the ultimate gift. You could consider looking on sites like the Ticket Merchant and finding sports or concert tickets. Alternatively, you could buy an experience package such as a drive in a supercar or a wine tasting or ride on a hot air balloon. You can find these at companies such as Virgin Experience Days.These are usually expensive gifts, which is the downside, although you may be able to group together with other people to afford it as a joint gift.

Think practical

Gifts that have a practical use are always worthwhile as you know that they won’t just be shelved a week later. Practical gifts such as gadgets and tools can sometimes be expensive, so consider whether they’re really going to use such gifts. Consider people’s hobbies and get other people to give you hints if you’re not sure what they have and what they don’t have.

When it doubt, ask what they want

Some people are difficult to buy for and never drop hints. When in doubt, ask what it is that they really want. This way, you know that your gift will be appreciated. That said, some people will say ‘I don’t want anything’ in which case you will have to use your initiative.

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