Making Jewellery Always Work In Photo Shoots

If you have your own home or big business in which you craft your own jewellery and sell it online, chances are you need to take photos of what you do to display them. Whether you take shots of them on stands or on models, you’ll need to work with the stones’ and designs’ own properties and proportions to get the perfect picture. So what are the best spreads and jewellery items to shoot to show off your talent?


Put Your Earrings On A Model And Pose

Depending on your taste, the idea of pearl jewellery can either be too much or just right. Yet pearl earrings are perfect at catching and reflecting light and thus make great performance pieces.

People want to see how the pearl earrings you handmake work well on different skin types and with all kinds of classy outfits. This is the best way to show people that they want to order pearl earrings online from you. Putting the rest of the info around the picture, like that fact a customer is more likely to find the kind they want through websites rather than in stores or pawn shops is just the icing on the cake.

Put All Necklaces On A Stand

Necklaces are tricky in that they always look good around someone’s neck, and yet sometimes this can obscure some of the features and make the piece look inconsistent. Skin bends and creases and thus so can the chain.

You’re guaranteed a better spread by putting a necklace on a neck stand, usually one that’s black to have a good contrast between the two materials. It also keeps reflections to a minimum with the lighting able to reach it properly from overhead instead of you standing in the way. Keep your piece in the same kind of position even when you’re shooting at different angles; people want to be able to see all of the necklaces at once. Truth be told, it can just look shoddy otherwise.

Keep Backgrounds Simple And Beautiful

If you have a gold bracelet, and you place more gold items around it that aren’t a part of the piece, then it can have an adverse effect. Not only are you likely to distract customers from the true beauty of what you’ve made, it can simply look tacky.

Black and white photography has been popular since the camera’s conception. Even though we no longer have to roll film for hours and aren’t forced to use garish colours on models to make monochrome work better, we can take a leaf out its book. Black backgrounds always highlight jewellery items naturally and have a good sheen to them that looks luxurious. Similarly, a good cream background that’s draped can give your shoot a softer look and seem very inviting.

There’s plenty of ways to make the camera work for jewellery, so fiddle around with what you have and don’t settle for the first one you take! Your brands deserve some good recognition after all.


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