The Most Bizarre Places In The World To Strap On A Pair of Salopettes

Skiing used to be a holiday restricted to the wealthy, the Royals or those folk who were well connected in high society. Jaunts to Val d’Isere and St Moritz were expensive winter getaways. Nowadays, skiing and snowboarding holidays have been opened up to the masses with budget breaks to the Bulgarian or Austrian slopes making this form of winter holiday more affordable to families who want to experience the thrill of the snow-capped mountains.
However, if you want a skiing adventure that sees you take a break from the crowds and ski lift queues, take a look at the more bizarre and less well-known resorts where you can strap on your salopettes.


Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Still feeling the ravages of war, Afghanistan probably isn’t your first choice when considering a skiing holiday, but you shouldn’t discount it immediately. The joy of Bamiyan is the fact that it has no markings, runs, ski lifts, staff or nightlife of any sort. The resort can’t really be classed as a resort as such, but rather a stunning snowy vista where confident skiers can explore off piste in a haven free from tourists.

Tiffindell, South Africa

Skiing and South Africa appear like the ultimate oxymoron. If you thought South Africa was all about wildlife reserves, elephants, blazing sunshine and watering holes, you should think again. South Africa has one lonely ski resort, and Tiffindell is it, some 2700m above sea level. Wealthy South Africans have the luxury of taking day trips up the mountain to experience the powder, and it might be worth an excursion if you ever find yourself on a safari in the Cape.


Arinsal, Andorra

The tiny country that is most famous for its respectable showing in the Eurovision Song Contest has a lot to offer the skiing world. By selecting one of the many Andorra holidays on offer, you will be able to experience some of the finest off piste runs in Europe. Nestled between France and Spain, Andorra is often overlooked as a skiing destination even though it is slap bang in the middle of the Pyrenees. Arinsal is one of five established resorts that has a highly regarded ski school for beginners and is full of great restaurants making it an ideal choice for families.

Mount Etna, Sicily

There can’t be many activities more thrilling than skiing down the side of a live volcano. With your adrenaline pumping knowing that you are metres away from fast flowing lava and billowing ash and smoke, it will feel like you are in an action movie as you descend the mountain. Not a destination for the novice, Mount Etna will be a talking point at any dinner party you find yourself at in the future.


The freedom and joy of skiing can now rightly be enjoyed by everyone, young or old, rich or poor. With more destinations opening up their doors to tourists, the variety of holidays on offer has never been more varied, exciting and downright bizarre!

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