Bored of the Beach?


If you’re bored of the typical beach holiday where you do little more than sunbathing and cocktail drinking with the occasional dip in the pool providing the most excitement you’ll get, it might be time to change things up and do something a bit more adventurous instead.

Here are some more interesting ways to spend your holidays than you might be used to:

Trekking the Grand Canyon

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Trek challenges, where you raise money for charity by pushing yourself to the limits in exotic locations are perfect for when you’re bored of the beach. Of course, one of the best trek challenges out there is walking the Grand Canyon. You’ll get up close and personal with one of the nature’s most majestic creations as you wander through rock formations on an Ancient Indian trail, marvel at Oak Creek Canyon and bond with your fellow travelers; there’ll be no time for boredom to take hold.

Cycle Through the First State Heritage Park

First State Heritage park, which is located in Dover, Delaware, USA is the country’s first ‘boundary-free’ park. It is home to a fantastic cycle route that lets you explore Dover’s cultural and historic history, which stretches back as far as 1777. If you love the USA and you’re a history buff, it’s a great place to spend some time. Highlights include The Biggs Museum of American Art and the Legislative Hall.

Go Aurora Borealis Spotting in Lapland


You couldn’t get much further removed from the typical beach holiday than with a trip to Lapland. So, if you’re looking for something truly different, why not take a trip to this chilly destination, where you can spend your time chasing the notoriously beautiful Northern Lights? You’ll have a fantastic time chasing after the natural phenomena sleeping in an Aurora Dome, which lets you see the night sky as you camp in comfort. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Tramp the Milford Track

The Milford Track is the jewel in New Zealand’s crown It is one of the most spectacular trails in the world, and although New Zealanders refer to trekking the track as ‘tramping’ there is nothing low rent about this place. You’ll see countless waterfalls, lakes, and valleys as you trek the full 33-miles of the trail, stopping off in cosy cabins along the way, and because only 90 walkers are permitted to enter the trail daily, you won’t be overrun by tourists ruining the experience.

See Polar Bears in the Arctic


Again, the Arctic is about as far removed from your usual European beach destination that you can get. Traveling to Spitsbergen - the biggest island in the Svalbard archipelago - on a unique wildlife expedition will blow your mind as you come face to face with magnificent polar bears, amusing walrus, and awe-inspiring white beluga whales, not to mention countless beautiful sea bears.

Now you have some ideas that are a bit more high-octane than the same old boring beach holidays, make sure your next holiday is an adventurous one. You won’t regret it!

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