So You Want To Get Into Filmmaking?

Filmmaking is a lucrative career, so there is no wonder that it is an extremely competitive industry. Without enough experience of being behind a camera, there isn’t much chance of you bagging your dream job.

Are you struggling to find any work experience? No problem; here are some personal projects that you might want to work on. Each of them will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to make it big in the film industry.

Test The Waters As A YouTuber

If you are a complete novice and don’t have any experience of working with camera equipment, you should start off with a small project. Testing the waters as a YouTuber is a great beginner project. It’s easy to source basic camera equipment these days. In fact, most laptops come with an inbuilt camera that will be able to shoot good-quality videos. Make a few videos for YouTube to get to know more about the shooting and editing process.

Create A Wedding Video For A Friend

Once you’ve got a good handle on how to use a camera and edit the footage, you might want to offer to make a wedding video for a friend or relative. To do this, you just need to shoot as much of their wedding as possible and then edit it down into some entertaining footage. This is a great exercise in figuring out how to make an entertaining video from a situation that doesn’t necessarily have a set narrative.

Make A Music Video

Feeling a bit more confident about your filming and video editing skills? Then why not shoot a music video! I bet there are lots of local bands in your area that would love the opportunity to make their own video for one of their songs. To do this, you might need to upgrade your camera equipment. Thankfully, there are plenty of 24 hour cash loans that can help you fund this. Then, just speak to the band about their idea for a video. They will have to come up with the main concept, but you’re responsible for shooting and editing!

Write A Short Narrative

Now that you have plenty of experience of shooting and editing, it’s time to learn about creating a narrative and shooting it in a way that makes sense to the story. This is the last step before you’re ready to start applying for jobs on movie and TV sets! First, write your own script - it doesn’t have to be too long, just a short 10-minute movie will do. Then you need to find your actors and shoot it! As this film will be part of your portfolio, it’s important that you make sure that it is up to scratch. That might mean you need to reshoot parts. But don’t worry about that - after all, practice makes perfect!

You will certainly need to work hard if you want to end up with a job in the film industry. But just imagine how amazing it will be once you get there!

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