Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Canada

You’ve seen the mistakes to avoid when visiting America, and now it’s time to see what mistakes you should be avoiding when visiting its northerly neighbour, Canada. The Great White North truly is a magical place to visit, whether you visit during the snowy winter period or the cool summer one. But when visiting this country there are a host of mistakes you need to avoid making. Below you can find a few of them.

You’ll definitely see snow

You shouldn’t come to Canada with a preconceived notion that, whatever time you visit, it will be snowing. Yes, travelling there in the heart of winter will hand you a 99% chance of seeing some snow. But any time after May and, sorry, your snow dreams may just have melted. But take some solace in the fact that at the peak of some of the Rocky Mountains snow can be seen all year round. But only seen, because they’re too far up, and therefore too dangerous, to get to.

You’ll definitely see a bear

When you visit any one of Canada’s National Parks, such as Banff, you'd probably expect to see at least one bear. Now, you could see five on your first day, or you could live there for five months and not see one. It really is all about luck. To increase your chances of seeing a bear, you should take to hiking through the Rockies. However, you should always hike in numbers of four or greater. You should always carry bear spray with you. And you should never, quite literally, poke any bear you see. It is their turf you step on when you go hiking, so you must be respectful. If you're not, then who knows what could happen.

You’ll definitely get on the plane

This may seem a bit far-fetched, but no matter who you are you may not be allowed to fly to Canada. Why? Because your nationality may require you to obtain something that is known as an eTA. This is an electronic tag that attaches itself to your passport and is a requirement for a host of countries and nationalities. So, before you make any plans to visit Canada, make sure to visit the Canada eTA site and see if you need to obtain an eTA. If you do need one, and you don’t get it, then you’ll be refused entry on to the plane you've booked your seat on.

You’ll definitely be able to afford travel costs

If you’re from a geographically small country, such as England especially, you’ll be in for a shock when you get to Canada. Yes, you probably know it’s a big ol’ country, but you’ll never realise quite how big until you get there and realise everything is so far apart. And when things are so spread out in this fashion, inevitably this means your travelling costs are going to go up as you begin paying for taxis, Ubers and public transport. The best thing you can do is to hire yourself a car for the duration of your Canadian stay. Seriously, it will help you save on a heap of cash.

Canada really is a beautiful place, so don’t let any of potential mistakes above ruin your time as a visitor there.

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