Wonder Woman: Kiss with a Fist.

'A kick to the teeth is good for some
A kiss with a fist is better than none'

- Kiss with a Fist, Florence of the Machine

The newest film out of the DC universe came out very strong with a rare combo of high praises from the critics and box-office success for a DC superhero film. How did an Amazonian princess-led film rule the theaters? Wonder Woman is more than just the cliche feminist tones and ideologies, but then again, there's nothing wrong with that. DC Extended Universe (DCEU) have pretty much challenged the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with their own series of superhero films.

WARNING: Potential slight spoilers ahead!

It was kick started with Superman's Man of Steel in 2013, Batman v Superman (previous review here!) and Suicide Squad in 2016. If these films were actual comic book superheroes, they were definitely beaten up and tortured by the villains, or the film critics.

Wonder Woman proved she can be the 'man' in the DCEU.

The movie that stars Gal Gadot proved the doubters wrong from the day she was cast to be Lynda Carter's heiress. Her sheepish grin and emotive eyes can catch everyone's attention and she can kick and punch you in an instant without hesitation. Her Diana Prince character's origin growing up in a secluded island paradise with Amazonian warriors were perfectly set up and showed how independent and harmonious a women-centric place can be.

The motive of Wonder Woman, upon meeting a befallen soldier spy Steve which was played by Chris Pine, was unique amongst the DC's 'Trinity' of Diana, Superman and Batman. She grew up knowing and training for her purpose: to save and protect the world by ending man's war influenced by the god of war. She indeed showed she was smiling and smizing each time she would get in action. Or was that pure Gal Gadot magic?

So basically, Batman is a crime-fighting vigilante out to seek revenge and live a double-life as a billionaire to exist. Clark Kent is an alien who had to pretend he is a human and protect his loved ones from the wrongdoers. Diana is a freaking warrior goddess who's sole purpose is to fight and stop the mess and war created by men. Who's worthy of kicking butts this time around?

It was by no accident that director Patty Jenkins obtained the organic beauty of grace, humour and synergy in placing Diana Prince in the middle of World War I. Wonder Woman's innocence on the concept of inequality of men and women in work, fashion and in society was pure gold. It didn't need cheesy one-liners to pull it off because they were all true and still pretty much relevant up to this day.

The movie performed strongly on the 2nd and 3rd acts of the film. The transition to the climax, which can be CGI-cliche-filled, will be tough to take away from a superhero film. DCEU and MCU should have learned by now that CGI effects with mega budget firepower will not always be sufficient to become box-office success with highly-regarded critiques. Sometimes what you need is a backbone of solid script with a firm direction of the film.

Some might complain we may have reached the saturation point of comic superhero films as they come out in a bunch every year. We can probably say the same is applicable for the countless of Supermans, Batmans, Spidermans, Iron Mans, X-mans and whoever-mans.

But after a campy and fun 1975 tv version, I'd say this time let Wonder Woman be the man and let her fight a kiss with a fist.

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