Podcast Review: Ghost in the Shell/Akira

I was a guest on the fantastic podcast of the website AttackOnMovies or AoM. Attack On Movies is all about cinema, classics, film reviews, ratings and guides. This is my second guesting on AoM, being the first was a video review on the films Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War which is found here.

Attack on Movies: The Film Connection is a podcast review of a new film and a classic film with a sort of connection. On this episode we review (and 'deconstructed'!) the latest film Ghost in the Shell, which stars Scarlett Johansson in the remake of the 1995 iconic anime film, and the cult favourite 1988 anime film Akira. 

Did we like Ghost in the Shell? Was it more of a ghost or just a shell? Listen how much we rated Ghost in the Shell out of a million points. (Yes, you read that right, a million.) How much destruction can Akira cause in the real world? Or better yet, what or who is Akira again?

Spoilers, critique, favourite and not-so-favourite scenes, Hollywood whitewashing, Neo-Tokyo and cyberpunk-mania. We gave it our all. It was full of fun, grit and hot takes.

Here's the itunes link: itunes.

Ghost in the Shell (2017) 02:50-37:46
Akira 37:46-1:11:48

AoM can be found on twitter: @attackonmovies_ and of course on their website attackonmovies.com
Let us know what you think, any reactions, disagreements, debates(?!). 

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