Something New: From Manik to The GZT.

The Manik 7 years

After 7 years, I have finally decided to do what has been a long time due coming. I have now changed my blog's domain name 'Manikmakina.com' to 'The GZT.'

For various reasons from sentimental to technical, then personal to being practical, I would like to think that the blog theme, content and the author have evolved, changed and already matured. Hopefully. 

I have come to a point wherein I have decided to restart blogging with a redefined purpose that fits the name to begin with. And The GZT has been born.

The GZT.

As I have explained on the 'About' page, it was not an easy task. It was a number of sleepless nights of planning, executing and testing. Don't get me started on the messy technicals of 301 codes, DNS, hosting, transfer domains, whew!

First, I decided on the theme and the purpose of my blog: Journal, thoughts on Pop Culture, lifestyle and adventures. I don't think I can pull off fashion or makeups at this point in time, so I'll stick to what I feel I know a thing or two about. 

And the bit that got me into deep trouble, is the name. I do now feel the difficulty of naming one's child, because you don't want to regret naming it 1 thing and decided to change it after 7 years. 
So, thank/blame your parents well!

The GZT was borne. The name 'The GZT' was inspired by the word 'GAZETTE', which usually means a journal or a formal newspaper. It is not an acronym, and the best 'pronunciation' of it is /djizt/ similar to the word 'GIST' which means the main idea or the important point.

And with that, I hope you get The GZT. 

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