An Unofficial Guide On How To Be #British

For many years, I have fallen in love with the British culture. The music, books, Victorian films, architecture, and of course the tea. A few days ago, we have finally officially sworn off allegiance to the Queen and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. (Or U.K. in short.)

I have discussed here in the past on the many good things I have experienced both here in Belfast and in London. There are some cons as well, as I cannot just forget and forego my love for my Philippine roots and beloved Manila. (Hint: Jollibee!)

I may have lived here for at least 6 years, but here's one of the most amusing Brit things to me: language. It is English, but it was far more colourful and distinctive on how British English is different from the American English in which I am more familiar with.

Here are some of my favourite words and their meaning that I have subconsciously integrated with my daily vocabulary and conversations.

You all right?- Hello!
Zonked- Fatigued. (Ask any nurse.)
Ta/Cheers- Thanks.
Ring- Call.

Later-means not sometime today, but MUCH later
Bloody- It just emphasises anything. Can be in an excitable or rude way. 
Fuckin- Incredibly. Ask Connor McGregor.
Bollocks- A man’s ballsy body part. It’s not a good thing.

Brill- Brilliant!
Cheeky- Naughty.
Do- Any party. Stag, leaving, bridal, etc.
Dodgy- not trustworthy

Fancy- like
Fit- looking nice

Bird- a lady.
Rubbish- Trash. Garbage. Useless.

There are more interesting British things, and as a lover of culture and history, I am just starting and enjoying this brill adventure! If you consider travelling and visiting the UK, research well and equip yourselves with a few of these words, and don't forget to enjoy your tea. 


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