Rise And Shine, Wooster's Calling!

The world of modern dating is filled with complex social rules and intricate methods. In order to stay competitive, you need to know what you’re doing. To help you out, this post will go through some ideas to help you to in this tricky world and make you into a professional wooster!

First things first, you need to dress to impress. This doesn’t just mean throwing on the Sunday best and hoping you look good; you need some help! Use the resources to have available for help. Talk to any female friends you know, and ask for their opinion about what you plan to wear. All of the clothes you wear on a date should be clean and ironed. Sometimes, the best approach is to buy a new outfit altogether. Otherwise, you’ll look like you haven’t put any effort in, which is a turn off. Wearing clothes that look good will make you feel more confident, which brings us to the next step.
Confidence is key in securing a date and performing well while on it. Thankfully, you don’t actually need to be confident to act confident. You just need to pretend. Think about the questions you want to ask the lovely lady, and also think about responses to questions she may ask you.
Always have a good response lined up for each scenario. Many people fall into the trap of self-deprecation as a form of comedy. But, insulting yourself will only make you seem less confident and may make it feel like you're fishing for compliments.

Next, you might need some good pick up lines. Pick up lines are used to start conversations and get the ball rolling. It’s hard to find pick up lines that really work, though. So it’s a good idea to be creative, and avoid using cliches. A pick up line doesn’t need to be cheesy or even humorous.
As long as it is interesting enough to start a free flowing conversation, it’s good. Before you go on a date, try and find some of your date’s interests. Think of ways that you can make them into a conversation that you’ll both enjoy.

It’s always best to be creative when it comes to dating. You need your own unique twist to stand out from the crowd. Modern dating services make it hard to be original without using your own thoughts. So, get thinking. Test what you come up with on friends, and see what they think. Be prepared for things to go down badly, and be ready to pick back up and make a bad joke or pun into something else. The way that humans talk to one another is complicated. This makes it easier to change something bad to something really good. You just have to be ready to do it.

Ultimately, if you act like yourself, with some smidgens of the date’s interests in mind, you won’t go wrong. But, if you go in with a fake persona, you’re likely to fail. And, of course, don’t feel bad if things don’t work out. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. There’s no amount of preparation or research that can help you if you’re simply a bad fit.*

P.s. *Here, drink the sorrows away 🍻 .

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