What Women Really Want This Year: 9 Unmissable Tips For Men Before They Hit The Shops

Even though I’m happily married, I still get confused when it comes to buying a gift for my significant other. Girls always seem to have everything they want, and when you ask them, they get stuck for ideas! But then her smile sinks when she opens the present on her birthday or Christmas, and it’s not what she wants. One thing you should know is household items, underwear, and perfume are no-no’s when it comes to your other half’s present!  In fact, according to this study, one in six couples admitted arguing over a poor present. Therefore, before you hit the shops, here are nine unmissable tips for men on what women really want this year.

A piece of jewellery that’s beautiful
It always scores highly on the list of ideal presents for ladies, so you should head to the jewellery store to find her something she will love. The good thing about buying a piece of bling for your other half is that it’s hard to go wrong with jewellery. As long as it’s beautiful, she is bound to appreciate the effort you make and will love to wear it out and about. Of course, you need to make sure you do get the right size for her when it comes to rings. But most other jewellery you can buy from stores comes in one size, so you can’t go wrong unlike when you buy her clothes. Remember to look at the jewellery she wears before making a decision. That way, you will choose something that’s perfect for her style! And don’t go cheap when it comes to buying your significant other jewellery. You don’t want her to get an infection as that £10 bracelet irritated her skin!

A gift that they will remember
When it comes to buying gifts, it’s easy to go for a gift such as a funny game or a makeup set that she will like. But she really wants something that she will remember forever. Otherwise, the gift isn’t very special, and she will forget what you got her. Therefore, choose her something unique that will stay in your mind. A photo album full of pictures of the two of you would always go down a treat. Or perhaps a show or cinema ticket that the two of you can go to in the not-so-distance future would be a memorable gift! Therefore, don’t make a quick decision that you will regret when they open the gift. Spend a little more time choosing something that’s perfect and the smile on her face will be rewarding!

A declaration of love
It’s easy to wonder when the last time was that you said I love you to your partner. But believe us, she will likely know the exact date and time it was. Therefore, for a perfect gift, you should make some form of a declaration of love for her. It might be that you write her a poem with a list of all your favourite things about her. Or you might want to pick her out a CD with your wedding song on it. It’s a great way to rekindle the love and remind each other why you got together in the first place. And remember to make sure you write I love you on the card that goes on her present!

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A mini-break with you
A lot of couples struggle to find time to spend quality time together. After all, we all get busy with work, and it can be hard to make time for a date or an evening out alone. But it’s so important for couples to spend time together so that they can keep the love alive. Therefore, for a gift that she will love this year, you should arrange a mini-break for the two of you to go on. It means you get some quality time alone together as a couple. Talk to her without giving the game away about where she would love to go for a long weekend. It might be something in the country, or you might even want to catch a flight for a long city break to Rome or Paris. She will love getting to experience new areas with you, and it will be a gift that she will really want when she opens it!

A food or drink related gift
Girls love to relax with a glass of wine at the end of the day. And a tasty bar of chocolate is always a must-have. Therefore, you should consider buying her a food or drink related gift. It might be her favorite brand of wine that she can enjoy for a couple of nights. Or you might want to get her a box of chocolates which she can share with you (hopefully!). Before you buy anything food or drink related, make sure you check if she is on a diet. If she is, it’s best to stay clear of anything along these lines. You can look for other luxury gifts for women this Christmas online which might include a wine glass that she can use on special occasions!

A handmade gift
It’s always good to show your significant other that you care when it comes to their gift. The best way to do this is to make her something; it shows you have gone the extra mile. One of the easiest things you could make her is a cake. As this article says, baking something makes her think you are thoughtful, so it’s a lovely gift idea. You can easily find recipes online that you can follow to make some delicious treats. If you are a great cook, you might want to make her a three-course meal as a treat. Of course, it doesn’t have to be food related. If you are creative, you might want to draw her a picture or even make her some jewellery as a present this year!

A gift she can use at work
Although you should stay away from staplers as gifts for your other half, she would love something she can use at work. Not only then can she show off your efforts to her workmates, it’s something handy that she can use every day. After all, it’s never fun getting a gift that ends up being put away in the cupboard and is never used. It might be a great diary or notepad she can use on a daily basis. Or something similar to these pencils which will fit perfectly into her work space!

A day at a spa break with her friend
It’s so important that as a couple you both spend separate time with your friends. Therefore, what better way to spoil her than sending her off on a spa retreat with her mate. That way, she can relax and relieve tension in her body from the stresses of everyday life, while having a good natter with her best friend. You could spend some time with your friend, while she is having a day out with her friend! If you can’t afford a spa break, you might want to buy her some spa treatments she can complete at home with a mate.

A gift voucher
A lot of boys are put off getting a voucher for their other half as they think it will look like they didn’t make an effort. But, in fact, a girl will love a voucher as it means they can go shopping for new clothes. It stops you making an error on an outfit they hate as they can just buy something they really want. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get a voucher that they can use at the shops.
Hopefully, one of these will be a hit with your other half!

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