Dress To Impress: Dad’s Guide To Acing Important Business Meetings

Let’s face it; careers are important for all daddy’s. A well-paid job is your gateway to providing your loved ones with the things that they deserve. The fact that the average worker spends over 40 hours per week in the working environment means that the individual rewards are huge too.

Whether you’re aiming to restart your career, gain a promotion, or clinch a deal doesn’t matter. We all encounter various meetings in business, and being prepared for them is crucial. There’s no question that looking the part is a vital aspect that can go a long way to making a great first impression.

Here’s how you can be sure to pass the test time and time again.

Size Matters

The vast majority of situations will require you to wear a suit. Most men assume that the more it costs, the better it will look. It’s true you don’t exactly want a cheap and tacky solution, but budgeting restrictions shouldn’t limit your success.

In truth, the far more important aspect is to choose the right size. You don’t need to buy a tailor made suit, but getting properly measured is something that all men should do before hitting the shops or internet.

A suit that fits well will always make a great first impression. Just remember to combine it with a great pair of shoes too. Quite frankly, footwear is one of the most common things that we tend to be judged over.

It’s Not All About Looks

Pleasing the eyes is one thing, but several other attributes contribute to the overall first impression. Ignoring those would be very foolish indeed.

Showing great organisational skills will always work wonders. In the right situations, business cards can make a telling influence. Moreover, you should pay attention to the other senses. This list of fragrance compliment getters should point you in the right direction for a great cologne. When combined with a winning look, those additional elements can make all the difference.

As well as setting a positive vibe, it shows that you’ve paid attention to every last detail and underlines the respect you have for yourself. After all, how can you expect an employer or client to trust you with their business needs if you can’t even take care of yourself?

Accessories: A Man’s Game

It’s true that accessories are more commonly seen on girls, particularly in the leisure arena. However, there are a number of items that can have a telling impact in the world of business. For example, if you run a company, your car can be used to impress clients.

More commonly, though, you can use luxury watches and pocket squares to complete your look. It doesn't only create an even greater first appearance, though. Your boosted confidence should go a long way to achieving the desired outcomes from those meetings.

Looking the part won’t guarantee success. Nevertheless, it will give you an instant advantage over those that haven’t made the necessary precautions. If this isn’t an incentive to get it right, I don’t know what is.


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  2. I'm not an accessories-guy type. I find it difficult when it comes to
    styling or maybe I do it incorrectly. oh well except the ring on my right
    hand. ha-ha. and yes you are right, dressing up sends signals about who we
    are, what commitments we have made, and our status in society.

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