Worldwide Beauty Spots You'd Be Crazy To Miss

This world in which we live in pretty crazy at times. There are some awful things about it, but there are also some amazing things to appreciate as well. One of these is areas of outstanding beauty that are located all around the world. If you are someone that is desperate to go check them out,  then read the guide below for some of the places that you do not want to miss.

Fjords - Norway

Fjords are narrow seas or lakes that are surrounded by steep walls. They are particular to Norway, and there is over 100+ of them. They are a particular area of outstanding natural beauty, caused by the repeated thawing and refreezing of glaciers during the ice ages.

The Fjords are a popular site to visit as they are not only stunning but are home to a staff of animal and bird species. In particular, they are known for their large eagle population and the fact that they are so deep that you can whale watch while visiting.

Golden Statues

Now on to a mix between a natural wonder and a man made marvel. The golden statues at Batu Caves are somewhere that you should definitely not miss if you get the chance to visit Malaysia.

Image here

With tallest reaching over 140 ft high, there are many statues and shrine all of a religious nature. In fact, the largest cave, known as Temple cave includes many images of Hindu deities.

The area is also known for its wildlife, as many macaque monkeys live in and around the caves. They mostly survive of food supplied by tourists and pilgrims.  


The beautiful island of Mykonos is a popular European holiday destination. It is a well known for its stunning landscapes, so much so that it is now protected by Greek legislation. You can find the azure ocean and find sand here, and many people take advantage of the diving and snorkeling on offer.

There is a range of accommodation available for those that wish to stay and take in some of Mykonos’ beautiful atmosphere. These include budget hotels and Mykonos luxury villas.


Overlooking the iconic if, tempestuous city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, this art deco statue is very much a man-made wonder. Built in 1931 the statue stands 38 m high and is accessible via flights of steps. Religious pilgrims come to view this masterpiece that looks out on Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Northern Lights  

The Aurora Borealis is another natural wonder that is on many people's wish lists to see. It is a strange glowing that occurs in the sky in certain parts of the world. The best locations to see the light is in or near to the Arctic Circle. There are several countries in which they are visual at certain times during the years including Canada, Norway, and Finland.

Some people even choose to sleep out in a transparent igloo, so they get to fall asleep under the slow glow of the Northern Lights. Now that's an experience for you!

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