Unboxing Vlog: Air Sofa

So I got myself an air sofa. Or wind lounger? 
The names are really confusing and interchangeable. (Like the wind?)
Why did I get one? The background story is really more complex than it looks. 
Yes Summer is ending, in which here in Northern Ireland it was around 8 days long.
But apart from future outdoor use and lounging in the backyard, I'm just tired of having a beanbag and then eventually the 'beans' lose its consistency and eventually end up useless.
So here I am banking on the wind and air to support my weight. I will check if the hype is real and legit.
Here's an unnecessary vlog review how I set it up because I have that much time in my hands.
(I swear watching a youtube ad is better than this. I've warned you.)

Thanks for reading and possibly viewing,

The Windcatcher of the North. 

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