The Minimal Project 01

My wife and I decided it is time for some spring-cleaning.
But this is not just an ordinary spring-cleaning.
We realised the need to reduce, recycle, and donate some of our belongings.
These included our clothes, shoes, furniture, and few gadgets as well.
Some we are sending to our family back home, some we're giving to our friends, and the rest we'll give to charity for the less fortunate.

This year we are trying to start with our 'The Minimal Project' and see how much positive change in can be for ourselves. It is a massive project for both of us, and this is just the start.

Donating to charities is only one part and it can be self-rewarding, too. As shown on this vlog, I've shown how easy it is for you to get started on spring-cleaning, donating and probably living minimally too.

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