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Jamie, my teenaged niece who loves Agent Carter, asked me for an interview. I got scared to be honest. She needed it for her essay writing in her English class. The tasks were: to choose a successful person that inspires her, to write essential questions about a person, and lastly 'get more personal.'

I wasn't sure on which definition of success she saw in me, but I was online that time so that's a good start. Sadly I can't reply with full of memes and emojis. This time, I am the blogterviewee.

I must say these were tough questions to ponder upon. I had to reflect on some of the questions as these are some questions I hesitantly answer. But, nonetheless, being the good uncle as I can be, here's my 10 answers to her questions about success, life and happiness.

This is NOT Jamie.

Q: What accomplishments did you achieve that made an impact in your life? Why do you think these made an impact in your life?

I consider finishing my education as a major accomplishment in my life. I graduated from university ten years ago in 2006, and if not for that major event, my current status may have been all altered and different. It helped me to go through life after school in terms of decisions and priorities in life. Not only the lessons taught inside the four walls of the class room, but also including the formative years of my school life that guided me in my life. 

Whether it be in my current profession, family, spiritual or daily living, the values and priceless experiences during those years are still impacting my life.

Q: Before achieving them, who do you think you were as a person? Are you still the same or a completely different person.

Before the accomplishments, I lived life with fun, positivity, love for adventure and forward planning for the future. After certain achievements in life, I like to believe I am still the same person. Years have passed, and some more wisdom, experience and knowledge gained along the way but I  still have the same philosophies in life.

QWhat are the obstacles you encountered before achieving them? How did you overcome these obstacles?

The main obstacle that I have encountered was our family’s financial instability. We may not be classified as experiencing poverty, but we are far from living well. My elder siblings and I were toughened by these hard times and inspired us to work hard with passion and determination. 

It taught me to have plans and dreams for those can not be taken away from anyone, and only yourself will be able to limit that. It gave me lesson in prioritising what is truly important in my life, and gather strength and inspiration from them.

QWhat is your secret/s in achieving success? Explain why.

I always believe in my capacity to overcome failures and struggles along the way. Achieving success starts in seeing where and what you want to reach. It provides a clear vision for me to be inspired and to guide me in my endeavor. 

Planning is key, but I always keep a ‘trouble-shooting’ plan if in any event there are some alterations along the way. Flexibility and adaptability are also key ingredients in order to attain personal success.

Q: What are the lessons you learned after gaining success? Explain why.

It taught me to define my own definition of happiness and contentment. I learned not to compare myself with anyone. It is good to have your personal advisors and mentors to look up to, but respect everyone’s individuality and circumstances. 

Do not limit yourself just because 10 ‘successful’ people told you it can’t be done. Learn and ‘earn’ experiences from mistakes and build them towards your road to success.

Q: Do your beliefs and/or inspirations in life helped you to keep on moving forward? If yes, what and/or who are they and why?

Yes, they do play crucial roles and parts in my life. I find inspiration in everywhere and a variety of people: laymen, professional mentors, music idols, historical figures, or even fictional characters. I believe that the main hurdles to success are words such as: ‘I won’t. I can’t.’

There’s this famous quote by Winston Churchill that sums it up for me:
‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’

Q: What is your talent? Do you believe that these contributed to your success?

Talent is a skill, whether natural or learned. For me, my talent is my positivity. I always wake up and try to envision myself to have a good day/night despite of the challenges around me. I always try to see the good in everything and everyone. It helps me to filter out the ‘unnecessary noise’ and provides me to focus in succeeding in my goals.

Q: Will you keep on gaining more or settle with what you have? Why?

I am happy with what I have. The reason I want to keep on going is that I want the people around me to have what I have, or probably even more. 

Q: What is your message to the people out there who wanted to be successful like you? Why did you choose this message?

Treasure every single moment you have in life. Life is full of opportunities, but it will be up to you to choose and decide on these. Learn to know not just what keeps you alive (not just the biological-sense), but give importance on the matters that keep you living.  

If every man remember that life is precious and we are all living on borrowed time that we can not possibly take back, there will be more positivity, love, fun and living. If those things are not considered in success, then we need to spread this message even more.

Q: Are you happy and contented with your current life? Why?

Happiness comes from contentment, and contentment comes from happiness. I am very happy with my life, I am successful in my profession, and happily married to a loving wife, and I have a fantastic family blessed with good health. The definition of success is ‘accomplishment of an aim or purpose.’ If my main purpose is to be happy, then yes I am very successful.

‘He who is contented is rich.’ –Lao Tzu

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  1. I like your positivity! Keep spreading it. You achieved so much from being so positive in life. <3
    Congrats on being so happy and successful!



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