London Holiday for Less

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London is on top of everybody’s must-visit dream destinations. It has everything for everyone from ages 0-99 from M&M’s World and West End to famous landmarks such as the Big Ben and the Abbey Road.

Hail the Cab. London Trail. Toured another long-time friend and showed the big daddy of them all, Ben. #london #bigben #parliament #westminster #igerslondon #seencity #city #cab #walk #bnw

According to official figures from 2014, 17.4 million foreign visitors paid a visit to the city of London. To put into perspective, that is twice more than the entire population of Hong Kong!

Living here in London for almost a year gave me a first-hand experience of the pros and cons, both as a tourist and as a resident. Going around on a holiday can be indeed costly, whether if it’s only for a short get-away or for more than a week or even months. 

Is it really possible to have a London Holiday for less? 
The answer is a massive Yeah!

Here are some tips to have a budget-friendly London holiday:

1. Pound-shops! Cheap finds!

            There’s a reason why they’re all over town. Sometimes it is hard to fathom why and how they would make a profit, but just help yourself with a whole range of items they offer. And never ask their staff ‘HOW MUCH IS THIS PLEASE MATE? 

            If lucky, you could find some vintage treasure bargains on weekends. Portobello Road in Notting Hill and Brick Lane in Shoreditch are two of my absolute favourite spots.

2. Reduce Mobile-Date use, find a wi-fi spot.

            Of course you need to instagram and snapchat your Thames River view, but keep an eye on your data charges. There are loads of wi-fi spots around the city. Hint: the tube underground stations have free wifi.

Postcards x London  LDN. Rise.  #london #vscocam

3.  Not all ‘Tour Packages’ are worth your money and time. You can DIY.

            London is blessed to have various forms of transport. (Londoners will disagree on this on rush-hour!) But getting around the central London is easy and quite convenient. Bus, train, tube, boat, bike, taxi, run or walk! There are loads of apps to choose and use. I personally use Tube Map and CityMapper.

When the clouds appear larger than the buildings.  #london

4. Book a budget London holiday apartment.

            Yes, it is possible. A budget-friendly, accommodation exists in the year 2015! Booking and paying for a hotel stay can be quite stressful. I personally have compared staying in hotels vs apartments and both have pros and cons.

For me, holiday apartments win for reasons like having your own kitchen. You can cook your own food, which will result to more savings for you. You also don’t need to rush to the hotel dining area just to maximise your ‘bed and breakfast’ deal.

And of course the main point: better price deal. Have you ever been to a supposed 3-4 star hotel but just doesn’t feel rightly deserved? That’s the point. The comfort and feel of a short term let London apartment on a holiday surely makes things more ‘homely’ and more relaxing as opposed to bumping into other fellow tourists in the hotel lift.

Go check this site www.shortlet-london.com for more details. Book now before millions and millions of tourists beat you to it!

5. Some of the best things in London are free!

            Don’t just stop with free wi-fi. London is loaded with beautiful royal parks such as the Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Richmond Park to name a few.

Then there’s a long list of an intellectual journey to world-renowned museums such as The British Museum, The Natural History Museum and the National Gallery.

The Empire (of Tube) Strikes Back.   #london #vscocam #tubestrike #bloggers

There are also tons of culture and events in places at Trafalgar Square and talented musicians and performers over at Covent Garden.

Those are just some of the tips you can follow or take ideas from. Plan your London Holiday well, and doing it on a budget is definitely doable. If you have any more London holiday trips or any travel tips, please feel free to share on the comments section. :)

Go and say hi to the Queen soon!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for shortlet-london.com. I received compensation for this blogpost. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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