Product Review: Pan-tastic Cooking!

Disclaimer: I was sent by my friends from Ozeri a complimentary item, free of charge, for my honest product review. 

I love unboxing, as it feels Christmas for me. But this time, I knew beforehand what the 'gift' was inside: The Stone Earth Pan.  

It is Pan-tastic!

Okay, here are the major points for this review (and before I throw any more pans, err puns): 
  • I am NOT a good cook. That means I can only do quick and easy light cooking. 
  • I live a varied work schedule, which means I have to do house chores quickly, which includes cooking and washing the dishes. (ugh!)
  • I am TRYING to live a healthy lifestyle, so the ladyboss and I have decided to start with healthy diets. So we are really conscious with what we buy in the grocery and in what we eat.

It features 'Stonehenge', which is 'Ultra-safe 100% PFOA-free, non-stick stone coating from Germany.' Apparently, PFOA is a harmful chemical found most commonly is kitchenwares. 
It is hardened with scratch-resistant coating which is very easy to clean. And when they say it is a German-system, I would bet on its quality anytime.

I've had teflon pans in the past, unfortunately it only took few months to barely a year before you could see the wear and tear in the surface. Even if we use wooden spatulas and avoiding metallic spatulas and softer dishwashing cloths. So that is a big concern for me. Although it will take at least the same amount of time to prove this one stands out, the quality of the coating surface is really different from teflon-coated kitchenwares. 

Another Stonehenge wonder.

 It will only require to as little as half-a-teaspoon of oil for frying. It will heat up quickly and therefore saves time in cooking as well. The heat distributes evenly across the surface. This is where the 12 inch size of the pan comes in very handily.

More importantly, when other products claim they are 'non-stick', most of the time they would result to 'ALMOST non-stick' and then eventually 'all-stick' over the course of time and use. So far, with at least 10 uses, this one is really encouraging. As proven by a quick and easier washing the dishes!

As for the cost and pricing, it starts at £19.99 for the 8 inch (20cm) up to £27.55 for the 12 inch (30cm). Pretty good quality price for something to last you a lifetime. I have bought some non-stick pans in the past with almost the same price range, and I am not fully satisfied with the results over time.

And just for me to flex my brain for my basic maths, that would mean if I used it for 100 times over a course of a year, that meant it costs 0.2755 pence/use. (Thank you, maths professor.)

Over all, I am very satisfied with this cookware and highly recommend it. Iron Chefs, watch out, here comes a very panatical challenger.

Can you smell, what the Rock is cooking?

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  1. LOL. I may need to have one. I'll be their biggest pan.


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