A Photo Diary: Tube Strike

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Last week, the tube strike by the London Underground unions caused disruption for thousands of travellers across the city. It was effective for 24 hours, and it brought attention to their cause and grievances, but delivered massive woes and headaches to the regular tube-commuters. The services for the other modes of transport such as the overground train, buses, trams, DLR were still in operation but it was just too much for the usual operational services.

I have friends who had to travel two to three hours more than their regular commuting time. Some walked almost all through out, the others rode their bikes. I managed to walk probably an extra 20-30 minutes than my regular transport time. 

To ease out my walk en route to home, I managed some snapshots of the city. I guess I'll just have to file it under 'Perks of a Citywalker.'

This bird pretty sure has a better vision than the CCTV under it.

A peek of the world-famous Bridge.

Some spent their time lounging after working hours and enjoying the cityscape at sunset.
The tube strike is nothing to the strikes the Tower of London took over the course of hundreds of years.
The next best transport service in London might be riding a bird.

 Main take-aways:

1. I'd probably do more walking the next time around.
2. If the unions of tube workers strike because of working hours and pay and other conditions, what if the services of the Firefighters, Army, Navy, Doctors, Nurses all do the same?
3. There are tons of birds out there in the city. (pun intended)
4. Be a tourist in your own town, city, country, place. Don't just 'live in' it. LIVE IT.
5. For any disruption, problem, blockade or problem, there'll always be a way. Whether it takes you 3 hours, 5 years or 100; just find the best route.

*** Shot via Samsung S6. Edited with vscocam app.


  1. Nice pics!!! That's why I always take my camera with me, never know what kind of wonder you'll get to discover if you take time to look at it! Glad you managed to make the most out of the strike, as annoying that was.

    "4. Be a tourist in your own town, city, country, place. Don't just 'live in' it. LIVE IT." <= PREACH!!

    1. Sometimes the best snapshots are the ones we didn't bother taking and ending up with 'WHY!' woes. xD
      I just love the thought of seeing the city through a tourist's eyes. I enjoy seeing their eyes and mouths wide agape with amazement and wonder which leads me to ask myself: 'Why can't I enjoy life and the place like them?'

      In the end of the day, we are all TRAVELLERS anyway.



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