Luna Gale [plus Meth, Skittles & Crazy Christians] Review

‘Just don’t sell yourself short or close off options 
because you think maybe someday something bad might possibly happen…’

A Meth moment that could leave you floating.
A phenomenal tv series called Breaking Bad brought the 'meth-heads' into the spotlight wherein they were portrayed and judged as either good or bad. I rooted for the supposed 'evil-side' and against the 'good' people. It was a symbiotic love and hate relationship throughout the tv series from beginning until the end.

'Well, can we ask the teacher to skip class now?'

That was the dilemma of Caroline Cox, who works as a social worker. Caroline meets Luna Gale, a newborn child of the teenager parents Karlie and Peter. The young couple admitted to their substance-abuse. Solutions lead to further hurdles and problems when they encountered Luna Gale's grandmother. Obsessed with her faith and believes that the 'End of Days' have arrived, she was called a 'Crazy Christian' for a reason. For every twist and turn down the line, no one knows who is right or wrong. 

Fundamentals and morals are challenged. There were F-bombs, Skittles and evangelists. This is not your mum's typical soap opera. Faith in humanity will be tested over and over throughout the story.

The acting prowess of Sharon Small is felt throughout the packed audience of Hampstead Theatre. You would be brought in for a ride with her character's emotions and feel for the characters and story. 

Either I drunk too much coffee or the bear is talking to me. 

Luna Gale, which premiered last June 13 and runs until 18th of July, is written by the multi-award winning Rebecca Gilman. It is heavy but a very smart drama with fantastic transitioning ebbs and tides of storytelling. Surprisingly, there is humour in between to break the 'tension' once in a while. It would seem to take you for a walk into the unfamiliar woods, then would try to let go of your hand as it would want you to chase it through the deep forest and play hide-and-seek with you. The excitement and fear of the climax translates to an outstanding piece of work of theatre play.

You would know a good and strongly written play that would only have 7 equally great cast members. Major props to the whole cast and crew for an outstanding work. For more information, please check their website: hampsteadtheatre.com

Biggest thanks to Tint for the blogger opportunity and to Hampstead Theatre for the intelligent drama. 

On the left: the complimentary blogger review tickets for me and the ladyboss
On the right: a view of the restaurant on the basement level, below the theatre dome.

Note: Production shots not mine, taken from the Hampstead Theatre website. The rest, all mine.

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