Incubus, I'll Never Be The Same.

Then, the year was 2000.
Manila, Philippines.

An awkward lanky teenage boy is listening to his now-defunct favourite radio station, NU 107, 'Home of the New Rock.'  Eagerly waiting for the countdown and phoned requests by the die-hard listeners of the radio show, whilst flicking through his comic books instead of his sophomore books in high school.

An Evening with Incubus, London, 2015.

And then bam, the next song's intro'd with guitar mixed with '...a dj's scratch?', he wondered.

'Sometimes I feel the fear of the uncertainty stinging clear...'

In the next few days, his friends are singing 'Drive'; those who are more gifted tries to play it in the guitar with their newly-bought songbooks. MTV has been playing the music video all throughout the day. The ladies were swooning for Brandon Boyd, all the boys wanted to be tattooed and sing like him. That teenager's mind was impregnated by Incubus ever since. 


Present, 2015.

15 years have passed, and that awkward lanky teenage boy is now an awkward adult. Of course, I am THAT teenager. I missed out their concert back in the Philippines when I was still in school. I just didn't save enough of my school allowance for the ticket price. Not this time. I surprised the ladyboss for a concert date and got ourselves tickets to the sold-out night with Incubus. Hammersmith Apollo was packed. 

Right from the opening song 'Wish You Were Here', it was pure mayhem and bliss. The sights, the sounds, the live ocean of people was reminiscent of the not-so distant past.  

It was teleporting me back to my youth, to my teenage years. Their songs from the old up to their latest album resulted into 'anthemic' singing and shouting. 'Pardon Me', 'Nice To Know You', 'Megalomaniac' and of course 'Drive' were played among their many hits in the two hour concert.

It sent tons of 'feels' for me bro, such as:

  • I remembered how silly it was to think that I was part of an amateur band with friends who REALLY knew how to play their instruments, and all I knew was to hold the mic. And pay for my share in food and fare of course. 
  • I really miss MTV. The real 'Music' Television. 
  • Brandon Boyd must be a vampire, he just doesn't age at all. It is unfair.
  • I miss listening to the radio DJs in the past. Top quality songs are played, no gimmicks just plain music.
  • I miss the days when I attended concerts back in the Philippines. In order to save, we'd just go to the event and have a snack and a drink each to last for the whole night of the event. Just intoxicated and filled with the power of the mosh pit.
It was purely effin'-tastic. Thank you Incubus for the memories. Until the next.

'Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there, I'll be there.'


  1. Jeez! That takes me back! I didn't know they were at the Apollo, or I would have gone too! I remember listening to Morning View on repeat, drawing comics and wishing my life to be better. Ah, them days...

    1. It was such a tripdownmemorylane moment for me, I lost my mind each song they performed. Morning View was such a smash.
      Maybe we could re-live those care-free days still, woot!
      I wish I could draw comics!x


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