A Photo Diary: Because Weekend.

For a nurse, a weekend off is a gift.

And for me and the girlfriend having the same weekend off, it is a cause for a celebration. It is a rare holiday of sorts. On Saturday, we decided to meet up with good friends Haze and Joan as we went on a Gastro-tour stretching from the Borough Market and capping the night off with sushi. That included quick side trips to the Tate Britain for some feast for the eyes and a walk by the Battersea Park.

On a Sunday after the morning mass and a quick errand to Earl's Court, me and the ladyboss headed off to Richmond to have a nature trip. The British spring weather was classic: cloudy, rainy and windy. Definitely not the best day for the trip, but the views were worth it. It deserves another trip on a rather lovelier weather. (Good luck with that!)

I'm an Instagram addict and it is challenging to abide with the 1x1 crop limitations set on your photos. But sometimes, some photos are worth more than 1x1. I also refuse to flood my Facebook account with random shots not filed under the album 'selfies.' I also find the joy of limiting shots, aiming for quality and not quantity. Five years ago, I'd take a minimum of 100 shots on a day trip (now it's only 90!)

Using only a cameraphone is also another challenge, and to be quite honest I am impressed and happy with the Samsung S6's settings. 

[Sadly, this is not a sponsored post as I have to get mine via a monthly plan, darn!]  :)


  1. WOW Reigun, The photos are stunning! I just died! :) . What camera did you use?.
    I remember that i reached a 1000 shots when i travelled from Baguio to Masbata and it's really a work to choose and archive photos. :)

    By the way, I added you in my exchange links. To know more about this surprise, please visit this URL:

    1. Thanks man, well appreciated. I just used my phone for easy carry. It's an S6, I'm very pleased with the results so far.
      Sadly, when I go trigger happy for shots, most would end up in the archives of my drives =/

  2. Fantastic pictures! I can't even do anything close to it with my SLR XD I'm really bad, I usually take thousands of pics anywhere I go, and most of the time 95% are not even Instagram worthy *le sigh* I really need to focus more on quality and composition than quantity! x

    1. Oh thanks! But don't fret, I'm always still learning and reminding myself of quality and compositions. Instagram, albeit at first can be frustrating looking at how great other IGers are, but I try to learn from their shots too. They really make it appear too effortless though! ;P

      I just followed one of the best advices out there: Just keep shooting! xD


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