The Superhuman Show: Paralympics 2012 Photo Diary

No words to describe how great these paralympians really are. My friend Patrick and I witnessed some of the best athletics performances during that day, in fact a number of paralympian records were broken and made. It was our first time inside the Olympic Stadium, and to share that experience with 80,000 people in attendance is amazing. 

Team GB supporters proudly show their colours.

The main event of the morning was the men's long jump final, all of whom are blind. In between were various events of shot-put, discus throw, 100-400 m run heats, wheel-chaired heats, etc. I think I might have seen one of the best live events in my life. No, there was no Oscar Pistorius, Johnny Peacock, or Pinoy champions that day. 

But calling them superhumans really fits the billing.

The Olympic Stadium can have 80,000+ people all at the same time.

It was a sunny Thursday, and people of all ages came to watch the games.

Philippines represented by the flag, among other participating nations.

The view from our seats. 

By 11 am, the stadium was filled up.

An American Paralympian, competing for the men's long-jump final. The stadium should be very silent for they will rely on their coaches' voice and clapping on when and where to jump.

One of the women's heats.

Nothing would stop these strong superhumans.

Mistakes are really hard to avoid with vision impairment, but the audience applaud each and every effort by the athletes.

The Spanish paralympian and his coach guiding him where the lines are. 

Sometimes it takes a team for an individual paralympian. But this Russian athlete would  eventually be the Gold medal winner on the long-jump.

One of the most exciting events in the Paralympics is the wheel-chair races.

One of the tight races on men's 100m run heat.

Big ups for the crowd showing great cooperation for the athletes for their concentration before each long-jump attempt.

Medal awarding ceremonies would be presented in between jumps. That day, Team South Africa including THE Oscar Pistorius was given their hardwares for their 4x100m relay win.

This lovely couple enjoy the games with the rest of the 80,000 people.


It was sunny, but it got cold still! Typical British summer though.

Thumbs up for the event.

Patrick stalking some structures.


That's a wrap!


Dear superhumans, 

You changed the world's point of view
on humans that are extraordinary.
You showed us what it means to be like you, and 
gave us a mirror for ourselves to see.
You pushed harder and broke barriers.
You are redefining what it means to be
'normal' and what it means to be
a 'winner'.
You defined heart, courage, and strength.
For the inspiration, superhumans I salute you all!

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