Publish your own book (or two) in a quickie

Hello legions of fans! (That would be you mom and cousins and random ex-schoolmate!)

I've been off from blogging (again) but for this month I'll try to come up with something new at LEAST once in a while. For various reasons, but mainly I'm just trying to create some more space for our dear mother internet. You can thank me later.

Anyway skyway, I want to share this bit of discovery I've made. And I will spill the news: I am now a book author! Or is it accurate if I say I'm a book slash ebook author?

Don't raise that eyebrow yet. It's not the new 50 shades book. It won't be a bestseller story. It is but a photobook.

I've found out about this from an Instagram user, wherein he was ecstatic to have received his photobook be made online. He praises the quality of the print and the book binding. He used blurb.com, and it was easy to use.

So another photo printing service, what's new?

Well, this one will let you create an eBook copy, if you want to have it on an iPad, iPhone, PC or whatever gadget that lets you read one!

You can import photos from Facebook, instagram, flickr, Picasa etc. The pricing of the books depends on the quality and size of the book. There are some pretty good guides on the site. If you also wish to earn some profit from it, go ahead.

I tried it, in a few minutes, and I have my first photo book! I have yet to recieve my book copy, but the eBook version alone is awesome. Then I made another for the pre-nuptial shoot I did for my friends, and they liked it. (THEYSHOULD!lol)

So, give it a try. Or you could check out mine and see for yourself. Yes, my eBooks are free for your consumption or whatever.

My personal photobook is "My Shuttered Life: An adventure of the phonephotographer"

The other one is "Hennessy+Sara: The pre-nuptial shoot."

Enjoy legions of fans (thanks mom!)

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