The Brit guy that loved jeepneys, cheap beers and wowowee (Part 1)

"It was the best sunset I have ever seen" then and he showed me the photo from his mobile phone.

To be honest, yes it was really nice. He's not a great photographer, so the photo would be plain.
But it was good, though clearly it doesn't give justice to what he have seen. It does not
equate to his ecxitement and the "wow!" factor that he just told me.

The photo was of course recognizable. It was quite familiar. It just looked regular to me.

This British guy really loves Philippines.

"Whenever someone would ask me where to go for a vacation that's really good, I would just simply say: BOHOL. It is far and takes you countless hours of plane ride, but it's worth it."

I would just call this guy we met in a party, Bob. He is married to a Filipina for almost 20 years. He met her in London. He's about 50-60 years old, with hippie-like chin-length gray hair. But he's very lively and definitely loves to travel.

He recalls he came to his wife's hometown early 1990's, somewhere in Leyte. He failed to state the town name, but mentioned it was about 3 hours from Tacloban airport. He briefly dscribed it. 

"When I first came there, and when I visited about a couple of years ago, there was not much of a change. Except for the paved roads, it still is the same."

That's the first insight of a foreign friend. That may speak of our government's efficiency, poverty, or lack of focus outide of Metro Manila development. But his tone and look of it was more of a positive. He loved it. He hates the hustle and bustle of the city. He likes the quietness and the simplicity in the area.

"My wife's home there is a hundred yards away from the beach." His British accent matched with his giddyness, is really amusing.

"Imagine, it is one of the best beaches I have ever been. Not much people, then you can stay there all day with no fees, and the beer is cheap! Simply amazing."

Yes, this guy really loves the beach, the sun, typical vacation. Who doesn't?

"I've been around to Zambales, Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Pampanga. It was really nice. Very warm."

Then he talked about the transportation.

"My wife's home is not that close to malls or shops. But it's not a problem. I would just stand there outside, and tricycles would be passing back and forth asking me if I need a ride. You don't need to say anything!" 

Filipinos could be sometimes biased in favor of foreign visitors, we are that hospitable. And that is not always a bad thing at all.

"I really like riding the JEEP! It's like an adventure always. I can't imagine how they would fit in very narrow spaces, and the way they swerve in the middle of the road. It's just hilarious!"

And he reminded me some of the things that we tend to forget.

"Whenever we travel around, I rarely sleep around. I mean, you came to a place far away from home, and you need to travel and see lots of places and see lots of people. You need to enjoy and have fun."

I am quite envious he's been around the Philippines more than most of us Pinoys.

"Oh, and I remembered meeting this actor and he helped us to watch Wowowee there. You know Tirso Cruz III?"

--to be continued--


  1. Haha. Sounds like an interesting man! Fun conversation. :)

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