Fresh From The Box: Gorillapod

I am fascinated with tripods, I am even more thrilled looking at monopods. I mean, what's the point of a monopod if you've got shaky hands?

Anyway, I love bringing my tripods almost everytime I travel to snap photos, especially to shoot some self-portraits ready for epic Facebook uploads. But, it is a major hassle to carry around a pseudo-metallic tripod in a bus, train or anywhere really.

Finally, I've got what I always longed for: an SLR Gorillapod by Joby. Light, steady, durable, and freakishlingly bendable up to gazillion degrees.

All-terrain, lean, mean tripod is all you need for those awkwardly placed scenes and snaps. The best thing about it is it could hang from anything solid. Be it a tree branch, or a power line, take your pick.

So, here's to more fun shoots, to the delight of a traveler-slash-photohobbyist.

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  1. really handy and nice. kahit wala akong sariling camera ang ganda nga nitong gamitin base sa 2nd pic. =D


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